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Frankie and Benny & # 39; s became the first family network in the UK to ban mobile phones

Frankie and Benny & # 39; s is the first family restaurant in the UK that bans mobile phones.

The decision of the Italian-American chain comes after a new study showed that 72 percent of children want their parents to spend less time on their phones, and another 70 percent said they think their parents use more time on the screen than they.

Upon entering the restaurant, diners will be asked to leave their phones in the designated “no telephone zone” area at the table with the intention of keeping it there for the time they eat.

The initiative is part of the “No Phone Campaign” in the restaurant, the purpose of which is to ensure that families who spend time together do not interrupt the buzz of smartphones and work from November 29 to December 7.

Regarding whether the ban will be maintained after this period, a spokesman for Frankie and Benny said Independent that it will depend on the success of the test, which will be judged by the reaction of the customers.

From Thursday, visitors will be able to take part in the campaign and will offer free children's meals as an incentive.

“Our employees actively encourage clients and families to participate in the campaign, but, of course, we cannot force them to transfer their phones,” the spokesman explained.

“If the initiative is successful, we will definitely consider ways to activate it more permanently.”

The campaign began after the bosses looked at ways they could encourage people to communicate more with each other at the dinner table.

“We found that giving families the opportunity to part with their devices in a couple of hours is a great way to bring them closer and cover family time,” a restaurant statement said.

Parental expert Susan Atkins agrees that eating screens from screens will help strengthen family ties.

“I'm glad to see that Frankie and Benny lead the way by banning screens at the table,” she comments.

“We live in a tense, rapidly developing world with 24/7 figures, unless we deliberately do not plan to be, so I like the idea of ​​families sitting together, eating and chatting with screens.”

Atkins added that parents who reduce the amount of time they spend on their phones will help set an example for their children about "when and when the use of technology is appropriate."

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