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Fallout: creator of New Vegas Obsidian Entertainment teases new science game

Like our sister site PC Gamer reported that Microsoft acquired the developer Obsidian Entertainment – known to many for Fallout: New Vegas and more recently for the Pillars of Eternity – earlier this month. Not three weeks after the acquisition of the studio was announced, Obsidian is now teasing a new game, which seems to be a science fiction RPG.

Visit Obsidian official website and you will be greeted by a pop-up window with a countdown timer and the promise of a “special message” from either Auntie Cleo or Spacer’s Choice, depending on which version of the pop-up you receive. Skip the minus the countdown, and you will see one of two images: some kind of laser pistol device, which, apparently, is being sold by the Spacer's Choice, or some skin care products from Aunt Cleo. I understand that this does not make much sense, so see for yourself:

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The countdown headers are just as fun. “Aunt Cleo is not responsible for any physical or mental risks associated with viewing the next advertisement,” the document says. Another one of them advises: “By selecting“ Skip ”, you agree to view the message provided to you by choice of Spacer & # 39; s Choice, which was detected at the level of 89.5% for viewing by a person”.

Obsidian teased countdown on your twitter account earlier today, like the private department, which, according to his website, will publish the secret game of Obsidian. Shortly after the countdown went live, Games host jeff kaylee took on Twitter announced that on Thursday, December 6, at the TGA ceremony this year, the correct opening of the secret game Obsidian will speak. Regardless of what the studio is working on, we will see it for ourselves for too long.

Obsidian knows the RPG, so this secret game can join our list. best upcoming games of 2019 (and further).

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