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Fabinho Exit rumors: no smoke, only fake news

As the saying goes, "Where there is smoke, there is fire." However, in the case of Fabio Enrique Tavares, otherwise known as Fabinho, there is no smoke – no one at the club or people close to him referred to the state of mind of the defensive midfielder due to the lack of playing time or indicated that he could move elsewhere in the near future. However, wherever you are on the Internet, it seems that there is an article about the boredom of Fabinho in Liverpool or not in awe of Jürgen Klopp, and it’s quite clear that these articles capture invisible straws.

Fabinho became the first signing of the 2018–19 year-old Liverpool transfer window when he joined the club on May 29, 2018 in a four-month deal of £ 43.7 million from AS Monaco FC. At that time, Fabinho said: “I am very excited about this move. This is what I always wanted. This is a giant team. A football club of this size came after my services, I did not have to think so much about coming. I will try to create my own story in this football club. I hope that on a personal level I can win titles at this club. ”

After we signed Fabinho (who officially became a Liverpool player on July 1, 2018), Jürgen Klopp said: “We signed a fantastic player, but someone who is a fantastic person, I think. His character's reputation in the locker room and his attitude to learning passed from everyone we talk to. He also has a wonderful family – adding such a person to our dressing room makes us even stronger. What we have – from the point of view of our environment in Melwood and in the team – means that anyone who comes should be from this assembly. They must be a man and a player of the highest quality. He has the ability and ability to play at the highest level in several positions. He can play "6", "8" and "2". It's great."

In July 2018, Klopp said that the Liverpool team would have to be patient and that there would be a waiting period before Fabinho got regular football, saying: “You saw him a little with Fabinho, that he needs to be settled – he is a little deeper between the central halves. We do it differently in Monaco. You can push him towards you, but because for him it is instant, he is deep again. This shows that he needs time to adapt to different styles. ”

Klopp repeated this at several press conferences since July 2018, but somehow, despite this, the rumors continued. In October 2018, Klopp said about Fabinho,

“He had to adapt to the style of the game. If you see how Fabinho plays in Monaco, he was confident. You come to a new club, and it depends on your personality.
He is not the loudest man on the planet, not that he came and said: “Sit everyone, and I will explain to you how we played Monaco, because we were in Champions League semi-finals a year ago and became the champion of France. " He looks, looks, and it takes a little time. So here it is. But he returned to the field, and this is good. So, everything is fine.
You see all the qualities. Hard challenger, good in one-on-one situations, offensive, defensively fast, good shooter, fantastic stuff, good headline, all that. Strategically good at the right moment. But, on another system, and in a different way, we play, just different, and this is something that then always takes time to adapt, that's all.
I said this several times; we cannot — I cannot — shorten this time (it takes to settle in the system). Maybe someone can, I can not. You come to my team, in most cases it takes a little time.

Fabinho spoke with Sky Sport November 6, 2018, and while he said that he had not yet been fully settled at the club, he said that he felt that he was on the right path to adapt to England;

I still adapt to this, but I believe that now I am used to football style, especially when it comes to the intensity of the game, which is really different from the league from which I came. In addition, I feel good in the club. I can communicate well with my teammates, although my English is small. The language barrier is one of the problems so far. As for managers, I am adapted to their training, and I like it. Now I play more regularly, which is also important. I'm on the right track to fully adapt to England.

Most recently, Klopp said: “Because the game is so fast and intense, it must become natural. This is not about changing these players, we want their football personality. They are here for what they have done. Three or five weeks sounds like a long time in football, but to improve what you can give half a year to take the next step. This is it."

I think it is safe to say that Fabinho, like several players before him, needs time to find his rhythm in the line-up. We have already seen really good football with him, but it’s all about learning how to play and adapt to it, and, like all new jobs, it usually takes three to six months to find your groove. In the end, Fabinho has to adapt to several factors in his new job, which includes the company, his colleagues, not to mention the fact that he also had to adapt to life in a new country and learn to speak the local language. and on our side. Fabinho is only 24 years old, and he has something to offer the club. He also has two Brazilian teammates who won't let him get too sick, and, above all, his wife Rebeca Tavares absolutely loves Liverpool and has become the official darling of the LFC Twitter fan base. If you somehow doubt the future of Fabinho after this article, James Pierce also confirmed that fabinho remains.

However, if you need additional evidence, take a look at Rebeca's answer in a properly annoyed GIF when asked what she thinks about Sunday Mirror football article which said that Liverpool was willing to sell Fabinho in order to finance the movement for Christian Pulisík;

I think that solves it. Fabinho is not going anywhere except in Liverpool start 11, as soon as he and Klopp feel that he is 100% ready to do it. What else can we really ask for ?!

In Klopp We Trust.
Mighty reds!

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