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Every Rivian will be an "electric adventure car",

If the 911s are not exactly your stuff, then the star of the Los Angeles car show, of course, was riva. In some ways, the company of electric cars showed two obviously ready-to-produce cars with outlandish performance indicators.

The R1S serial SUV and R1T five-seater seats require 0 to 60 miles per hour for 3.0 seconds, up to 400 miles from the electric range and level 3 autonomy, starting at 50,000 pounds sterling in the States.

But we should not be too shocked. The company stayed for almost ten years and former McLaren employees were on board. “The company began about nine years ago, and electric adventure cars have been in the spotlight for seven years,” says Rivian’s Christian Scuman. "This is really what electricity is done because of the torque of EV systems."

Indeed, both R1S and R1T require frankly perplexing 10,325 lb-ft of torque, which is about nine Bugatti Chirons points. During these seven years, the company was silent, because it believes that a real gap was found on the market, and he wanted to keep his cards close to his chest until the cars were fully ready.

The models shown in Los Angeles are described as the “99 percent” manufacturing standard, although the cars will not be in customer possession until the end of 2020. However, order books are now open, and pick-up starts at $ 69,000 before EV grants (about 53,000 pounds sterling), and an SUV – $ 72,500 (about 57,000 pounds sterling).

Other markets will follow, and this includes the UK, where Rivian recently opened its advanced engineering base with former McLaren and Lotus employee Mark Winnells as director. Schumann insists that those who buy Rivian will also use it properly.

“There are two groups of people in our core: the modern explorer, who is engaged in kite boarding, climbing and kayaking. So they spend their free time. Then we have an active family, driving the children home from football in their dirty boots, but then they will also drive to Lake Tahoe at the weekend.

“Everything will always be an electric adventure, we are not going to make a sedan. We want people to become dirty. But they will come at different price points and levels. We do our job. We aim to sell tens of thousands of cars to start, not hundreds of thousands. These are only the first two.

Yes, this means that Riviana cars will be smaller and cheaper. What can be quite exciting if the price of the UK can reflect the United States.

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