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Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury: Press conference descends into chaos

Watch: Rage and Wilder clashed at a press conference before the fight.
Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury
Location: Staples Center, Los Angeles Date: Saturday, December 1 (local)
Coating: Listen to the full comment, live from Los Angeles, early on Sunday morning, on BBC Radio 5 live and on the BBC Sport website.

The final press conference for Tyson Fury and Deontey Wilder descended into chaos when they faced the stage three days before their heavy fight in Los Angeles.

The packed room looked at the knight of words, and after Fury's words saw that Wilder was clearly more angry, the pair began to jostle during the conversation.

Their teams were involved, causing 60 seconds of chaos.

The fury removed the shirt when security intervened before the duet and their entourage were cleared from the stage.

What began with both men fanning the Staples Center fight turned into an exchange of insults, both men promising a knockout.

Speaking at a time when Michael Costello was tuned in to BBC Sport, Fury added: “I took off my shirt to take part, and scared them all.

“Everyone thinks that rivalry is fake, but they can guess again, because it is almost gone again.

“Wilder thought he needed to spit in my face or something else he was doing screaming. He feels the pressure, you can see the pressure in which he is. ”

What caused the chaos?

After both men left the scene, one journalist could be heard describing the scenes as "crazy."

After the opening speeches of each fighter, Fury seemed to grow into the process and decided to answer questions, during which he questioned why Wilder's profile was small in his homeland, despite his status as world heavyweight champion WBC.

"On Saturday night, the whole world recognizes him as the man whom Fury knocked out," said the Briton, 30 years old.

“Until he had 30 fights, he was reserved. This swagger is not genuine, it is a fake – cunning and fraud. I look at him and I don’t see a bad person, I see a challenger. ”

Wilder, who had previously said that Fury made his name in a “small country”, became louder, but remained seated.

But when the couple put their head in the head, 33-year-old Wilder screamed on the face of his opponent before the fight engulfed the scene.

Analysis – "Wilder Lost It"

BBC Radio 5 live analyst Steve Bunce

We have seen it before, but I tell you now, you have never seen it with such an edge and filth.

Let's get it straight, Wilder lost it.

Wilder started screaming on Fury's face.

View from the middle

Like Bunce, the feeling among the assembled media was that Wilder had really upset him, and it took him some time to restore his coolness.

Showtime Boxing Jim Gray, the man asking questions on stage, managed to avoid chaos when the fighters went head to head.

He told BBC Sport: “He reached the crescendo – he walked to the edge, began to spill, but did not cross the rock.

“This is what is happening. They go face to face, start screaming, heat up and acquire their own lives.

"The longer you talk to each other in what is not common decency, adrenaline flows, nothing good will happen."

What happened to melee?

The state of insanity in the huge conference room was mixed with shock in how everything escalated.

What swells up as the biggest heavyweight bout on American soil, since Lennox Lewis overcame Vitali Klitschko in 2003, saw that both men remain mostly respectful before that.

In such a huge city, it would be wrong to say that the struggle has engulfed the public today, although the fact that it is open to the public, the usual head will now be under a microscope, is intensifying with weighing on Friday.

A press conference on Wednesday took place three years after Fury beat Wladimir Klitschko, which he, as he said, partially had to play brain games that he had unfolded at news conferences in the assembly.

The Briton referred to the mental health issues with which he had overcome since then, and said that now his “mission” represents vulnerable people, insisting that he beat out Wilder.

“I’m more than a champion,” I’m ambassador for mental health, I’m a national champion, ”said Fury.

“I’m not just fighting for me, I have millions of people looking at me.

“I heard that many people say“ Wilder ”from KO or Fury point by point. Now I tell you, Wilder is knocked out. "

Wilder, who was still screaming when the organizers tried to finish the interrogation in the face, said that Fury "had his time" in 2015, when he finished the 11-year invincible Klitschko reign.

“He never came across anybody with his thinking, with my strength,” said 33-year-old BBC Sport. “I have been doing this for a long time. I know what fear looks like, I can identify it. He is afraid, and he should be.

“This is the moment I have been waiting for my entire career. This time, my time. Fury had a window.

"Now I am here. I will be damned if I come and let a person from another country come and upset what I built.

“He says that he will beat me out, but I do not believe that he will have confidence. He talks about it, but does not believe in it. When I say this, you can believe it, my numbers don't lie, I will knock Tyson Fury.

Both men are expected to be in the ring around 4:30 GMT on Sunday morning in the UK. Wilder will put his title on the line and try to defend the perfect 40-bit record, while Fury is also unbeatable in 27 contests.

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