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COVID-19: CCTV Cameras At Rita Ora’s Party Disabled, Police Says | Ents and arts news

Security cameras were turned off at the Notting Hill restaurant, where singer Rita Ora spent her birthday locked up to avoid filming her celebrity guests, police said.

Ora earlier apologized for her “impulsive” the decision to host a 30th anniversary celebration on 28 November – while the UK was in the midst of another coronavirus quarantine.

Security cameras at the Casa Cruz in London were turned off on the day of the party, police said.

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Rita Ora attended the 2019 GQ Men of the Year Awards with Hugo Boss at the Tate Modern in London.
Ora has previously apologized for breaking the rules

Work is under way to revoke the facility license in connection with this event ahead of Thursday’s hearing, with details of the parties to be identified in the license review report.

In a statement to council and police on December 1, Scottie Bhattarai, an employee at the site, said he had given the green light to the event.

Mr Bhattarai added that Ora’s team called him on his personal mobile phone at around 5:30 pm on the day of the party, saying they wanted to use the place for “drinks and snacks.”

He said that the venue for the party had been offered £ 5,000 and that since most of the staff had been laid off, he went to Casa Cruz to “organize the event.” He apologized for being “greedy,” according to his testimony.

Mr Bhattarai added that the group arrived at 7:00 pm with seven or eight guests, but by 9:00 pm there were about 17 people in the meeting.

According to police, model Cara Delevingne and her sister Poppy were among those present at the party.

The “Surrounding Guards” did not want to film their arrival, Mr Bhattarai told police, adding that he turned off the video surveillance system between 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm.

Later, Mr. Bhattarai said that the camera system was broken and planned to be repaired. He added that at the time of his application, no payment had been made in connection with the event.

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Police say the hard drives of the video surveillance system were reformatted on November 30, which means there was no video footage from the previous month.

The report said Mr. Bhattarai did not provide police with any details about the host of the party.

Controller James Larner said in a statement that he was on duty when he and a colleague answered a call about a potential violation of isolation rules.

Arriving shortly after 11:30 pm, they could hear music, but the hall’s windows were blacked out so they could not see, the statement said.

PC Larner added that using small gaps, they could see two women without masks sitting at a table, a man at the bar and three other women sitting at a separate table, and the glasses were visible in the room.

The officers knocked on the door, after which the music stopped, and those who were inside disappeared from sight – without a response from the passengers.

He said that the cessation of music and the departure of the members meant that “it is likely that COVID-19 the rules were deliberately violated because the invaders did not want to come into contact with the officers. “

Apologizing at the time, Ora said, “I feel particularly embarrassed knowing first-hand how much people have worked to combat this terrible disease and fully aware of the sacrifices people and companies have made to keep us all safe.

“Even if it doesn’t help, I want to sincerely apologize.”

A spokesperson for Cara Delevingne was contacted for comment.

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