Sunday , January 17 2021

Bill Nye, the scientific guy asks: "Are you high?", Saying that people will NEVER move to Mars | Science | news

China, NASA and private space firms, such as SpaceX, are seeking to attract people to Mars. NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin said that colonization of Mars is achievable by 2040, while technological billionaire Elon Musk is more ambitious and says he hopes to attract people to the Red Planet by the 2030s. Last year, the CEO of SpaceX said that the mission could be completed in about 10 years, perhaps earlier, maybe nine years. ”

However, Bill Nye, who grew to fame as Bill Nye, a scientific guy, a popular American children's show in the 1990s, and an experienced scientist, crushed the offerings of people who would ever live there.

Not only will people not live on the Red Planet, Mr. Nye says that there is no chance that it will be transformed into a more livable place like Earth.

Speaking today at USA Today, Mr. Nye, 62, said: “This whole idea of ​​terraforming Mars, how can I be, you guys high up?

“We cannot even take care of our planet in which we live, and we will perfectly approach it, not to mention another planet.

“People disagree with me on this, and the reason why they disagree is that they are wrong.

“This is not reasonable because it is so cold and there is almost no water.

"There is absolutely no food, and the big thing, I just remind these guys, there is nothing to breathe."

However, Mr. Nye is a huge fan of sending people to the Red Planet, but only as a temporary visit.

By placing a man on Mars, they will be able to properly explore the Red Planet and significantly increase the chances of finding life.

He continued: “We will send people there to make discoveries. To explore, this is a great idea.

"If we found evidence of life on Mars, it would change the course of human history."

However, Mr. Mask, SpaceX CEO, says that Mars can be terraformed, so one day it is suitable for humans.

He said that at the beginning of this year, one way to do this is to drop thermonuclear bombs at the poles of the planet – where most of the planet’s CO2 will be forced out into the atmosphere that will thicken it, keeping Mars warm enough to maintain liquid water, just the same. Earth grow greenhouse gases.

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