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AJ Pritchard goes public with a new partner, and brother Curtis finds romance in the villa

AJ Pritchard unveiled his new girlfriend when the novel is heating up for his younger brother Curtis in a villa on the Isle of Love.

Star of the “Strictly Arrived” 24-year-old AJ felt a romantic mood when he became the official representative of Instagram with his partner Abby Quinnen.

The two who are currently enjoying a sunny holiday in Crete shared a very pathetic snapshot when they set off for the night on a Greek island.

AJ and Abby took up the photo, and a professional dancer signed it: “I feel happy.”

Curtis and his fellow dancer Abby met on Instagram

Curtis shows off his incredible press in Greece.

Being in Majorca, AJ's 23-year-old younger brother Curtis was lucky with the ladies at Love Island.

Turning from Amy Hart's “half-girlfriend”, Curtis caught the eye of an Irish girl from the net Maura Higgings.

The couple was absent from strength to strength in the absence of Amy and even gave rise to rumors that they brought their relationship to a new intimate level.

Pritchard's youngest brother plays a major role on the Isle of Love, where he enjoys meeting a girl from the Maura net.

Fans of the island of love believe that Maure and Curtis have shown that they have sex

Shock scenes appeared this week when the couple moved under a couch blanket – although the couple refused to disclose the details with their suspicious colleagues.

Before joining with Maura and Amy, Curtis had a two-year relationship with a dance partner with star professional Emily Barker.

Speaking of their failed romance, Curtis explained: “My ex-girlfriend was my dance partner. We danced with each other from twelve to fourteen years old, we were champions.

“You spend a lot of time with each other when you dance together. You are always in close proximity, so it would be strange not to have feelings, even if it’s just a best friend or fall in love. ”

Caroline Flack was romantically connected with AJ in January.

Caroline and AJ get close to the NTA in January

While AJ Strictly caused a stir in the beginning of this year, when he was noticed by pinching his lips with Love Island's host Caroline Flack, 39 years old.

The two were seen chatting at the National Television Award after the party in January.

This caused an awkward moment at Aftersun last week when Caroline asked Curtis with whom he would choose a couple for AJ at the villa.

AJ and Curtis have a very close relationship.

Curtis quickly replied that Lucy would be the best for his big brother.

But now he is happily connected with the dancer Abby.

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