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Ziandzha told about the first novel with a man – details

The actress admitted that her first relationship happened when she was in China

Zianja Photo:

Zianja Photo:

Ziyandzha, a transgender singer who was on the street because of Natalia Mogilevskaya, spoke about her first relationship with a guy. According to the artist, this happened when she went to China, where she stayed until 2014.

According to Ziandzhi, in China she met an Armenian who came from America. The first serious celebrity romance lasted five months. The singer told this to Anatoly Anatolich in "The Interviewer".

“The first serious novel happened in China. It lasted about five months. It was a foreigner, an Armenian who spoke English. He lived in America,” Zianja said.


Ziandzhi's first guy was a foreigner


The actress remembered that they met this man in the usual way when she entered a fast-food restaurant. It was no surprise to him that Zianja was a transgender girl, as he had previously had such otkhoshnniya.

"Men who are attracted to transgender girls are not gay. Gay men, they like gay men. And men who like transgender girls like girls who are exotic," the actress commented.

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Ziandzha shared that they had to part because the lover had to fly back to America, and the singer does not believe in novels from a distance.

Now, Zianja admitted, she had just started dating one guy and was with him already on five dates, but who he, the artist, was not declassified.

Recall that in July transgender singer Ziandzha changed her image and showed a neckline. Zianja cut her curls, making a square and bangs.

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