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Zelensky’s team will go “war” on Akhmetov: The plan is announced

The team of Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky intends to put pressure on the oligarch Rinat Akhmetov to reduce the cost of electricity. About it wrote journalist Yuri Butusov on Facebook.

According to him, the key role in shaping the cost of electricity is played by DTEK, owned by Akhmetov. After the deregulation of prices, this influence intensified.

“According to the Rotterdam + scheme, DTEK now offers to buy coal at 1700 hryvnias per ton. And you can buy without any "Rotterdam" in Colombia or the United States – but already at 1900 hryvnia per ton. DTEK appreciates its coal much higher – and now sells at 2200-2400 hryvnias per ton. The cost price is not disclosed, ”Butusov writes.

He added that DTEK promises a crisis if there is no plan to purchase coal, since fuel reserves are 40% less than last year.

Butusov said Zelensky had a plan of action to put pressure on the monopolist:

  1. To reform the electricity market. At a meeting with the president, a presentation was made of the Low Carbon program, which was developed for the money of the German government under the leadership of economist Georg Zachmann. Wholesale prices for the purchase of electricity in Ukraine are higher than in many EU countries, and higher relative to generation costs. It is also proposed to make a forced separation of the monopolist.
  2. Part of the coal is supplied by DTEK to ensure the export of electricity through the Burshtyn TPP. In the event of a crisis, export deliveries that are particularly beneficial for DTEK may be blocked for the purpose of accumulating coal for domestic needs. If the crisis – then the crisis will be for everyone.
  3. After the creation of a new government, they can replace the leadership of Energoatom, remove the people of Nikolai Martynenko from management, and increase the share of nuclear energy in electricity production.
  4. Change of management of the state-owned company Centrenergo, which instead of Igor Kononenko’s managers included people close to Igor Kolomoisky. Centrenergo is planned to be privatized in the near future in order to create competition for DTEK.
  5. Punitive measures are not planned, but it cannot be ruled out that in the near future the environmental inspection of the new government will legally pay attention to the fight against environmental pollution, and in the top 10 major polluters – 8 DTEK enterprises.

Zelensky’s team planned an attack on Akhmetov in order to force him to lower coal prices under the Rotterdam + scheme to 1,500 …

Gepostet von Yuri Butusov am Donnerstag, 22. August 2019

Recall, the representative of the President of Ukraine in the Cabinet of Ministers Andriy Gerus allowed a reduction in electricity tariffs by 20% for non-residential consumers.

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