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what each of the signs of the zodiac expects »Ukraine News || Vesti-UA

June 16, 2019 will be a very strong energy day – Strawberry Full Moon. The new month in Gemini gave strength to any changes. A full moon will shed light on all outstanding issues.

As astrologers say, you will have additional strength and faith in yourself, which will help you to carry out all the plans. Connecting Mercury with Mars will give you energy for future action.

This is what the full moon will bring to every sign of the zodiac.

Fire signs.


You can succeed in all aspects of your life, both personal and professional. Follow your instincts and strive for new knowledge.


For Aries, the full moon will bring success at work and a new desire for spirituality. Focus on your work and do not hesitate to seek help from people close to you.

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A full moon will give you some relaxation and fun. But we advise you to work well first, and only then rest.

Earthly signs.


Full moon is suitable for financial goals. Direct your motivation to get a new post.


When you feel an urge to move up the career ladder, turn on your instinct and take the following steps.


For you, this is a time of adventures. You will be well protected, but do not overdo it.

Air signs.


For Gemini, the full moon in Sagittarius will have the greatest impact on personal relationships. In the air there will be many feelings and opportunities for new relationships.


You will probably feel motivated to do something great.


If you put this energy into making social connections, you can support this creativity and keep your personal life active.

Water signs.


Strong motivation and concentration can help you stick to a new training program, improve your health.


Scorpios can expect financial growth this month, so be open to any income you meet.


Be prepared for the fact that fate will smile at you and your career will go up. Start working right now.

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