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The most seductive lovers of the signs of the zodiac "Ukraine News. Latest news of the day || Vesti-UA

When a woman is in search of that one thing, she is sometimes blinded by his manners and courtship, not noticing his true intentions. Professional Casanoffs are not asleep, and they are ready to put down the vigilance of any woman, applying their features to a female saint on her, write more.

Women make mistakes and often fall under his spell, guided only by their intuition. But so that this does not happen with the beautiful half, astrologers have compiled the rating of Kazanov, who will skillfully turn any woman’s head, not really thinking about the consequences.


The main seducer in the starry sky. He skillfully seduces and tempts, so it is impossible to resist him. His sexual possibilities seem limitless. Magnetic gaze and masculine attractiveness leave no other choice than to succumb to it. He tends to often get involved in the opposite sex, so he puts his indefatigable sexual energy into intimate relationships. He knows exactly where the erogenous zones are and how to make them bring pleasure to his partner.

His fantastic intuition allows you to anticipate all the wishes of your partner, no matter how sophisticated they are. Starting with the sign of intimate relationships, it is worth preparing for the fact that women are awaited by a dizzying romance with a turbulent clarification of relationships. If we take into account that this representative is too jealous, he will not miss the opportunity to constantly blame the partner for infidelity. Although he did not mind to start another novel on the side. He likes to experiment and engage in sex in various places. Not every woman can withstand such pressure of passions.


Scorpio's main rival in seducing a female. He is so imbued with passion that his state is fully capable of being transmitted to his partner. He is able to ignite and incinerate his partner at one time. Its main feature is to act as a conqueror, otherwise the game will not be so interesting for him. He gets real pleasure from seducing and conquering the object of his passion. His straightforwardness and frankness often take women by surprise, and he actively uses it.

He embodies his sexual fantasies into the game with a partner, bringing her to the top of the madness. Signs prefer to be the dominant link, but not to obey. They choose their partner with a similar temperament, so that they can also ignite them in bed and give them real pleasure. If such a woman does not conform to his rules on the love bed, he begins to look for a similar one on the side. In exquisite manners and in the art of seduction, they have no equal, because the famous lover of all times, Casanova, was born under this sign.

a lion

Lover of royal blood. Its sufficient attractiveness causes irrepressible interest in women. In the process of courtship, the sign demonstrates all its best traits from generosity to courtesy. He fills the relationship with his partner holiday, and happily gives her moments of pleasure. The sign is capable not only to amaze with its skillful knowledge, but also to apply them at the right time. The best reward for their person on an intimate date is the admiration and approval of all their actions. A cascade of compliments is able to spur and excite them, calling for new bedding feats.

In their bed, these signs praise their queen and do everything to guess all her cherished desires. Although she is already in a fit of passion, she feels welcome and adored.

These signs tend to constantly admire his body and all the actions that occur when they participate in bed. They successfully do this through mirrors installed in bedrooms or with the help of video filming. In intimate relationships, they tend to choose the dominant role.


Lover with virtuoso manners. Their sexual energy is always full to the brim. In bed with him is never boring, because he is always playful and cheerful. He loves the female sex and will never miss a single woman. It is common for him to constantly be in love affairs, replacing one partner with another. And when the relationship is exhausted, he will easily leave one woman to start a love story with another.

He loves experimenting and is ablaze with a passion for gambling. Sometimes his improvisations are surprising, but he so competently applies his sexual practices that one cannot doubt his mastery. He is ready for new achievements in terms of intimate questions and is trying to prove his perfection with his next passion.

This sign does not know how to pretend and complexes. His relaxed atmosphere allows any woman to open up and feel on top of bliss.


They themselves Venus ordered to become skillful lovers. Their natural sexuality becomes a magnet for women. Sign aesthetic abilities allow you to enjoy the beauty and perfection, so this they teach their partners. Do not tolerate litigation, scandals and quarrels. They try to deliver their maximum comfort at their meeting.

They know a lot about romantic words, the more they know how to whisper them at the right time. They build their partner on the pedestal of the goddess, enveloping her with an aura of worship.

And even at the natural level, they do not have enough indomitable energy, but they have an increased sensitivity and know all the zones that can bring pleasure to a woman. For them, the most important thing in bedding is to give the partner a lot of impressions from the time spent.


A typical representative of ladies. Their artistic nature allows you to apply your flirting at the moment when they feel that you need to take an impregnable fortress. They are ready to descend to non-standard actions, if only they would pay attention to their person. They quickly light up a new partner, and at the same speed cool down to it. And in time they will start to turn the new novel, easily forgetting the old one.

In their appearance, the features of an angel and a devil are intertwined, therefore such a cocktail magically acts on the female sex. They love to watch erotic films, and all the moments they see are transferred to their bed. Big experimenters and aesthetes with heightened imagination. Without foreplay, they never begin their intimate pranks. They know all the secrets about how to alternate passion and pressure. With them it will never be boring, because each time they come up with a new version of bed comfort.

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