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The Cabinet of Ministers lowered gas consumption rates and allowed Naftogaz to install meters

At a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers on Wednesday, January 30, it was decided to return the gas rate of 3.3 cubic meters per person for consumers without meters. This was announced by Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman during the meeting, reports "Correspondent".

In November 2018, the Supreme Court overturned the rules for gas consumption for consumers established by the Cabinet of Ministers in 2016. In this regard, consumers without meters received charges in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 619 of 1996 with higher consumption rates.

These rates are 9.8 cu. m (gas stove with centralized hot water supply), 18.3 cu. m (gas stove without centralized hot water) and 23.6 cu. m (gas stove and water heater).

"It was 3.3 cubic meters per person – why does a person now have to pay 9.8 cubic meters? This is three times more than they consume. Therefore, we return to normal. It was 3.3 – it will be 3.29," said Groisman and added that bills with overstated rates can not be paid.

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to entrust the installation of gas meters to the population on Naftogaz, instead of oblgasgas.

“Everybody should be interested so that it is clearly calculated who consumes gas and how much in Ukraine. And not the way gas-makers begin to write off volumes of each other today. They say they stole it, and they say they stole it. I didn’t steal, it’s just necessary and simple to do accounting. So, we need a counter, "he said.

"Whose task is this? This is the task of the one who supplies gas, who produces gas. And one of the points we will take today will be the decision to recommend Naftogaz of Ukraine to provide all Ukrainian citizens with free meters. Moreover, there is an item there in order for the Ministry of Economy to take into account the money that will be used by Naftogaz for the installation of meters, financially, Naftogaz, "said Groysman and added that this work should be done in a short time.

Earlier, “Country” wrote that the authorities accused Naftogaz of receiving payments for gas with double the amount in Kiev.

We also reported that after the giant award, the head of Naftogaz decided to give all his salary to charity.

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