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The author of the song Crying group KAZKA told what this song is about

The author of the popular song of KAZKA "Crying" Sergey Cedric (Lokshin) told about the main message of the composition. He also stated that there is no meaning in the song about domestic violence. Reports about it Yakaboo.

"Crying is the story of two girls, a very young and young mother, going through a breakup with their loved ones who did not justify their hopes. This led to frenzied tears of disappointment, however, when the tears dried, the girls firmly decided to start all over again. , the violet has blossomed, happy ending ", – shared the poet.

Sergei Cedric says that the lyrics for the songs should be sharp, sensual stories, small films about the experiences of interesting complex characters. The author also told about the most absurd versions of the audience about the song.

“In social networks there are the most incredible options, for example, that a song about domestic violence, and“ violet blossomed ”is a bruise that appeared from a strong blow. I appeal to everyone – there is no physical violence, but there is no emotional violence. To parting, of course, there is, it is the driving force of history ", – said Sergey. According to him, the song became popular because the plot is close to millions and is told in a clear emotional language.

The author of the song "Crying" Sergey Sedrik (Lokshin) Photo:

Recall the song has collected more than 100 million hits on YouTube, and also entered the top 10 of the world chart Shazam.

As reported by Strana, the Ukrainian group played the soundtrack to "Sherlock" on pandora and button accordion.

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