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Sophie Turner responded to rumors of a novel with Macy Williams

Just a few days ago, the star of Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner, said she plans to someday make a movie about friendship with Macy Williams. The relationship of the two actresses seemed to some fans so close that rumors of a secret romance were not long in coming. At the Conan O’Brien show, Turner had to comment on fan assumptions.

Conan drew Sophie's attention to rumors of a romance with Macy, and it turned out that the stars were aware of this story. Moreover, the actresses responded to them during the filming of the last season of the Game of Thrones. “Of course, we knew about this. We decided to play along. During the filming of one of the scenes in the middle of the take, we pretended that we were going to kiss each other. We wanted to see what kind of reaction it would cause. But you know what? This is the “Game of Thrones”, incest is a usual thing for her, so everyone pretended that everything was fine, ”Turner said.

The presenter did clarify whether it was a joke with Macy, to which Sophie sarcastically remarked: "Well, you know, I just sometimes want to kiss my best friend so much." Turner should use this theme for the trailer of his future film about friendship with Williams, and then the halls filled with it are provided. But for now, the star will have a wedding with Joe Jonas, which they planned to hold this summer. It is not known exactly where and when the ceremony will take place, but the screen sister Turner will definitely be the bridesmaid.

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