Saturday , January 23 2021

Some owners of Google Pixel 3 encountered a camera error / New Time

Problems with Google Pixel 3 are accumulating: some device owners cannot use the gadget camera due to a critical error.

Some people see an empty viewfinder when they open a camera application, reports The Next Web.

To simulate the situation, it is enough to use the built-in camera in a third-party application, such as Instagram and Snapchat. After that, a message appears stating that the application cannot connect to the camera. Then, when you try to start a native camera application, a message appears stating that the camera driver encountered a fatal error.

According to users from the Reddit website, the situation is associated with an error in Android, which leads to a conflict in the operation of the camera application with other applications. In particular, this error does not allow Android to properly complete the work with the camera.

Many users tried to correct errors, trying to reboot the phone, clearing the application cache and resetting it to the factory settings. But most of the attempts were useless. These users have sent a request for a replacement device from Google. However, the company does not change the problem gadgets.

At the moment, Google has not made any statements regarding the correction of the situation. However, the support manager at Google told one of the clients that the development team was investigating the error.

Previously, some users found that they could not save photos taken with the camera application. Google promised to post the fix later, but hasn’t released it yet.

Earlier HB reported that a mid-level smartphone from Google, codenamed Sargo, fell into the hands of journalists. Externally, Sargo, which is likely to end up with the name Pixel 3 Lite, resembles Pixel 3. The processor uses an 8-core Snapdragon 670, made on a 10-nanometer process.

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