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Sergey Babkin emotionally reacted to the clip of Vera Kekelia

Sergey Babkin posted on his Instagram page a post in which he emotionally reacted to the new clip VERA KEKELIA (member of the “Women's quarter”) and DUDA on the joint song “Tobi”.

"Have you already seen this? This is a picture! This is real! This is art! We are completely delighted! We are crying from pride! We are crying from the present! We are reviewing it several times and crying every time – it touches us very much Everyone must-see! " – wrote Babkin on the net.

Note that this song performers released to the first wedding anniversary.

In the video, Vera and Roma played a pair that, being in the same house, does not see each other.

As if in a parallel reality, each lives his own life, not noticing anything around. Heroes delve into their inner world, until a random touch changes their lives, give them a chance to find happiness.

“Through the story in the video, we wanted to convey the idea that people often live without noticing others. Experiencing our failures, doubts, focusing only on ourselves, we miss the opportunity to become happier, to meet“ the very ”person and change your life. just open up to the world and learn to notice the beauty around you, ”says the singer VERA KEKELIA.

Shooting the video took place in the picturesque Ukrainian Carpathians among the mountains and colorful autumn forest. DUDA admitted that the film crew had to overcome difficult weather conditions and extreme cold:

"The landscapes high in the mountains were simply amazing. I had never seen anything like this before. But fogs, ice in the morning and cold made shooting difficult. The most difficult scenes were in the water. At air temperatures of 2-5 degrees, we shot in an icy mountain waterfall. It was necessary stay there until 20 minutes. Honestly, I couldn’t get a grudge against a tooth, and even a wetsuit didn’t help. "

The director of the video was Lesya Podolyanko, the cameraman was Evgeny Usanov. The author of the text and music of the composition is DUDA.

Artists also told about the fate of the goldfish, which is present in the clip.

“The fish that Vera feeds in the video is alive and well. We were very worried about her because of the cold, but she returned to the pet store unharmed,” says DUDA.

Recall Sergei Babkin told about his vacation in Turkey.

Sergey also told about the state of emergency on the eve of filming in the Zelensky film.

In addition, Babkin admitted that he received a scolding from his parents as a child.

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