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Russian figure skaters won three gold awards at the Grand Prix stage in Moscow | Figure skating

MOSCOW, November 18 – RIA Novosti, Anatoly Samokhvalov. The Grand Prix stage in figure skating ended in Moscow, where Russians won five medals: Olympic champion in women's single skating Alina Zagitova, Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov in double skating and Alexander Stepanova and Ivan Bukin in ice dancing took gold.

The tournament was held in the Megasport Palace of Sports. In addition to the three gold awards, silver was won by Sofia Samodurova in the women's single skating, bronze – Daria Pavlyuchenko and Denis Khodykin in the competitions of sports pairs.

Records for Zagitova do not mean anything

Zagitova won in Moscow, updating her own world record in the short program (80.78), and in total reached 222.95 points. The athlete is not much worried about the fact of a new world record. “For me, grades and places mean nothing. For me, the most important thing is to ride cleanly, with a soul and show my maximum,” she admitted.

In the free skater program, the skater made only one mistake by breaking the triple flip. "My performance was not very good, but I am glad that I was able to collect all the cascades, and the last jump (flip) is a ridiculous mistake," said Zagitova.

Alina Zagitova

Silver won the tournament Samodurov (198.01). "Of course, only positive emotions, I am very glad that I was able to cope with the task and show the result. I was dissatisfied with how I rolled, it was clamped. There are shortcomings all the time, and there is something to work on," the figure skater said. Bronze at Im Eun-soo from South Korea.

Another Russian woman Polina Tsurskaya made a number of blunders in short and arbitrary programs and became the 8th (149.45). The American Gracie Gold, who returned to the ice in Moscow after a long break associated with psychological problems, was the last in the short program (37.51), went out on Saturday morning to practice before an arbitrary, but with further participation in the tournament she acted.

Injured Chania spoke out of respect for Russia

Two-time Olympic champion Japanese Yuzuru Hania, who set the world record in the short program (110.53), predictably excelled in the men's single skating. But on Saturday, the Japanese were on the verge of withdrawing from the tournament. This option was played by the Japanese national team doctor, but not by the athlete himself or his coach.

On the morning of the day, the arbitrary leader of world men's skating made a lot of mistakes in training, and when entering the quadruple, the rittberger sprained his leg, fell, and finished the exercise ahead of schedule. “With Yuzuru, everything will be fine,” promised the Japanese coach Brian Orser. In the arbitrary, they and the student decided to abandon that same quad rittberger.

As a result, Hanyu cleanly performed the quadruple Salchows and sheepskin coats, fell during the execution of the triple axel, made a “butterfly” on the second triple axel and did not cope with the quadruple sheepskin cooper – oiler – triple salchow cascade. Nevertheless, he won both arbitrary (167.89) and in total (278.42). I came to the press conference with a rewound ankle, leaning on a crutch.

“I was thinking about withdrawing, but this is my choice. The injury is serious enough, but not the same as last year. My ankle was swollen. I was not sure whether to ride or not, but I decided to ride because I respect very much Russia, "- said Hania, noting that his participation in the Grand Prix Final and the Japanese Championship is now in question.

The second place was taken by Georgian figure skater Maurice Kvitelashvili (248.58), the third – Japanese Kazuki Tomono (238.73), Russian Mikhail Kolyada became the fourth (225.42). Kolyada did not succeed in short hire, he did not make it to the top three and refused to talk to the press. In an arbitrary one, he cleanly performed the quadruple Salchow, made a quadruple toe loop, but doubled the rittberger, the Lutz in the cascade and made a butterfly on the triple axel. And to one axel he attached a single toe-coat instead of a triple one.

Kolyada himself admitted that he was “physically heavy” in the arbitrary. "At the start, Salchow was a success, the music hit a little and the second (triple) axel did not go because of this. I went a little later. Many people say that you need to learn not to hear the music, but I can't do it. I ride to the music," explained an athlete who owns a quad lutz, but does not know when he will insert it into the program.

Mikhail Kolyada

Russian Andrei Lazukin, who replaced injured Alexei Erokhov at the tournament in Moscow, finished seventh (215.78). “In general, the results (of the tournament) are failures for me,” concluded the student Alexei Mishin. “I can’t understand what the problem is, because in training everything is stable”.

Another representative of Russia, Artur Dmitriev, took the 11th position (189.58). The athlete attempted to perform in the free program a four-axel, which had never before been shown in official competitions in the history of figure skating. This element was credited to Dmitriev in the protocol, but to the total "-5", since he fell from the axel, having made two under-screws.

Stepanova and Bukin win with a world record in free dance

In ice dancing, the second victory at the Grand Prix stages was won by Stepanova and Bukin. In the rhythm dance, the partner made a mistake in the romantic tango, for which the duo lost about five points (74.49), which was far from critical in the context of the struggle for first place in the tournament, but it is impermissible from the point of view of rivalry with the main competitors in the season. “I haven’t made such blunders for a long time,” said Stepanova, who came out with a fighting spirit for free dance.

In an arbitrary, all three support figure skaters performed at the maximum fourth level and achieved a world record (124.94). “It was awesome today in general,” Bukin, who didn’t even know about the new world record, did not hide his satisfaction. “Thank you, we didn’t know about it. We were thinking completely about something else, how to fix some shortcomings, correct mistakes.”

Alexandra Stepanova and Ivan Bukin

The mistakes of the pair include the path of the steps on one leg, which came out at the third level of the partner and the second at the partner. Twizzla Stepanova performed on the third level, Bukin – on the fourth. The path of steps diagonally – the third level. In total, Stepanova and Bukin scored 199.43 points.

The second place was taken by the Spanish duet Sarah Hurtado / Kirill Halyavin (174.42 points), the third – by the Americans Christina Carreira / Anthony Ponomarenko (174.21). The fourth was the Russians Sofya Evdokimova / Egor Bazin (164.66), another Russian couple Annabel Morozova / Andrei Bagin took 9th place (133.58).

Seven Stitches Tarasova

In pair skating, Tarasova / Morozov also won the second gold of the Grand Prix stages of the season. The duet of Maxim Trankov confidently conducted a short program, although he was not incendiary enough, in the opinion of the coach himself. And in training on Saturday, Tarasova collided with compatriot Alexander Korovin, in a pair with Alisa Efimova, when she was accelerating to an element along the side, and fell, strongly hitting her chin.

The athlete stopped training, was sent to the hospital, where she was put on seven stitches, but went out on the ice in the evening and, together with her partner, confidently won an arbitrary program (141.78), allowing blotting only on triple salchow. In the end, a victory with a score of 220.25.

Evgenia Tarasova and Vladimir Morozov

“I want to thank everyone for their support,” said Tarasova. “Everything is all right now, they have sewed up (chin), everything is fine. It was a difficult day. There were a lot of trips to the hospital and back. I spent time in the hospital, and Volodya (Morozov) was in the hotel. In general, we were able to go out on the ice, to roll almost well. I made one mistake, and we are happy with the start. "

The silver of the Moscow stage is held by the Italians Nicole Della Monica and Matteo Guarize (203.83), who are assisted in the work of the coach by Tarasova / Morozova Nina Moser. Bronze won the Russians Daria Pavlyuchenko and Denis Khodykin, for whom the current season – the debut in adult skating.

In the free program, the couple cleanly performed a parallel triple flip, a triple cascade and two double sheepskin coats, but then the partner fell during acceleration and then after the ejection. "Today was a very unimportant skating. There was a divergence, which is not very good," the partner admitted. The third Russian duet Efimova / Korovin took fifth place (181.62).

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