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Prince Harry is again spotted in the pub.

British Prince Harry, who met on January 30 at a round table with young people from the Commonwealth countries, left his pregnant wife at home that evening and went to one of the London pubs.

This is reported by "Facts".

It is reported that the 34-year-old grandson of Queen Elizabeth was spotted at The Sands End institution. At the bar, he was accompanied by several civilian-clad guards.

Earlier, as the British press wrote, 37-year-old Megan Markle forbade her husband to drink alcohol, and at the same time asked to refrain from coffee and tea. As she is expecting a baby, she cannot drink tonic drinks. And she asked her husband to show solidarity and support her in this. However, Harry, apparently, could not resist.

The Sands End is Harry's favorite pub, where he has been to several times. In December 2016, the prince visited him, along with Megan, whom he then courted.

In his youth, Harry adored parties and often allowed himself to drink too much. So, his biographer Katy Nicholl wrote in her new book that in 2001 Harry was even forbidden to visit one of the pubs (where they not only drank alcohol, but also smoked marijuana) – after the prince in a drunken state shouted at was a Frenchman, calling him a "devil's frog."

After the wedding, Megan took up her husband and made him lead a healthy lifestyle. Recently, Harry admitted that he meditates daily. He also practices yoga, eats less meat. And stopped to meet with friends who, according to the Duchess of Sussex, badly affect him.

Harry will have another opportunity to escape from the care of the imperious wife. So, on February 14, on Valentine's Day, he, according to the work schedule, will go to Norway, to the Exercise Clockwork winter exercises, which are held on the basis of the Marine Corps. However, the prince expects to return home for dinner.

Recall, previously reported, Megan Markle unhappy in the royal family, and Prince Harry feels guilty.

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