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NPS. Newcastle snatched victory over Man City, Man. United in extra time saved a draw with Burnley

It was the usual January evening Tuesday. Nothing foreshadowed trouble for the champion of England, who, in pursuit of Liverpool, hoped to take the victory out of Newcastle. No wonder, because rivals are a fighter for survival.

But football irony is such that the motivated “Manchester City”, which this year has so far only won, having missed only once and scored 29 goals, has lost. And not just lost, but gave the team a former mentor, “Liverpool” Rafa Benitez.

So the “citizens” have lost the opportunity to get closer to the Mercy Sides in the table and now there is a risk of increasing this distance to seven points. It seems that even visionaries could not have predicted this.

Moreover, the game at St. James Park began with a quick goal from the guests. This Aguero (Newcastle's 15th goal – Sergio loves this team) at the 24th second emphasized the serious intentions of the Mankunians. But in the native walls of Newcastle, this did not shake. Of course, the whole match on the field was dominated by the favorite, but the “magpies” did everything and even more so that the opponent would not get anything from this territorial advantage.

By “more” I, of course, mean two goals of the hosts after the break. First, Rondon, and then Ritchie from a penalty kick, put another hour ago, terrible with their effective form, the opponent on his knees. Bravo, Rafa!

At Newcastle, this day turned out just fine. Information about the possible (a record for the club! This has not happened since 2005) when signing the Atlanta striker Almiron seemed to have breathed vital energy into the club. After this “magpie” just have to survive, and Benitez – to remain in the team.

Imagine that the 22-match unbeaten Manchester City series was interrupted in games against Newcastle. No other team has suffered from “citizens” for so long.

Well, for dessert. Guardiola could break the record today, Jose Mourinho, who in the first 100 matches in the Premier League won 73 victories. But his 100th Pep lost, so he stayed on par with the Portuguese.

Well, after such gifts, “Liverpool” will simply be ashamed not to win the championship.

Newcastle United – Manchester City 2: 1
Rondon (66), Ritchie (80, pen) – Aguero (1)

Ole-Gunnar Solskher is so consistent in comparison with Sir Alex Ferguson that he even returned Fergie-Time to Manchester United. “Devils” were at a distance of several minutes from the fact that, like the neighbors in Manchester, to lose in this round to a fighter for survival. But two goals in five minutes and Sir Alex invincible after the dismissal of Mourinho.

The result is extremely honest. “Burnley” definitely did not deserve defeat, although he too clung to his goal at the end of the game. Obviously, with a fright, because “Manchester United”, which also did not deserve defeat, with the score 0: 2 immured the guests in their penalty area.

Fortunately for the hosts, there was enough time for this to produce a result. Under pressure, the “maroon” brought themselves a penalty, and then missed the concentration further from the loss and the second one – the inspired hosts created enough chances for that.

In general, everyone should be happy. Sulskher, though he did not become the first coach in the history of the Premier League, who won the first seven games in the league, but broke the record of Ancelotti and Guardiola. Those for their first seven matches in the Premier League won six times and on the sidelines once lost. Norwegian saved a draw in the seventh meeting.

Sean Dych also retained his status as a Tuesday guru. This day of the week is the only one in which the Burnley boss has not lost a single Premier League match: three won and three played a draw (including today).

In short, Old Trafford was a great soccer holiday.

Manchester United – Burnley 2: 2
Pogba (87, pen), Lindelef (93) – Barns (51), Wood (81)

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