Friday , November 15 2019
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Fallout 76 give in to the gamepad – Gaming News – Gambling

The "popularity" of the online post-apocalyptic action movie Fallout 76 all things grows. German branch of the store Gamestop start a unique share. The game is received as a gift by everyone who buys a used PlayStation 4 gamepad. The mention of the not very flattering action for Fallout 76 was found on Reddit.
To get rid of excess discs with Fallout 76 dreams and German trading network Saturn. In it, copies of the game are given in the load to … the Xbox One X bundle with Fallout 76. After all, if someone agrees on one fallout, then surely there is a place for the second.
Meanwhile Bethesda released for Fallout 76 large-scale update, which promised at the end of 2018. And it turned into another trouble: the patch returned to the game previously corrected errors. The previously changed weight of some items was restored, the rate of appearance of nuclear units in the workshop decreased, and the possibility of duplication of things also reappeared. Obviously, when creating the patch, the developers did not use the new version of the game, but the old one.

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