Wednesday , January 20 2021

Experts figured out how to remove electric vehicles from bulky batteries

Experts figured out how to remove electric vehicles from bulky batteriesHow can you improve electric cars.

Electric cars will soon be able to store their energy in carbon fiber bodies, which will make it possible to abandon large batteries, writes referring to Infocar.

According to research from Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, carbon fiber can work as electrodes in a lithium-ion battery.

Experts have tested various types of carbon-containing materials and found that carbon fibers with small and poorly oriented crystals have very good electrochemical properties. At the same time, hard carbon fibers with large highly concentrated crystals, on the contrary, have low electrochemical properties.

According to the professor of computational mechanics at the Chalmers University of Technology Leif Aspa, carbon fiber is already quite popular material in the automotive industry, because it is more rigid than steel.

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Currently, the university's research team is collaborating with the automotive and aviation industries to continue using carbon fiber for various vehicles. In this case, the discovery can be very useful during the construction of aircraft. After all, the current aircraft are too heavy to run on battery, but carbon fiber structural batteries can change that.

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