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Due to martial law in Ukraine, the number of fakes from Russia has increased

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Because of the martial law, Russian propaganda has reached the point of absurdity, just to intimidate Ukrainians

Author photo: Anatoly Boyko,

Author photo: Anatoly Boyko, "Today"

After the introduction of martial law in Ukraine, the army of Russian "trolls", who started throwing fakes into the information space and social networks, in order to intimidate Ukrainians, became more active. The Defense Ministry exposed the plans of Russian propaganda.

The military noted an increase in fakes on military topics, the purpose of which is panic among Ukrainians in connection with the declaration of martial law. Reaches even to the point of absurdity.

“In some mass media and social network tapes, there appear non-existent and obviously absurd in their content allegedly” orders, directives and orders ”from the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. on foreign registration (“euroblinds”) whose owners have not cleared their vehicles. The Ministry of Defense officially informs that all these supposedly “official documents” and “orders” that allegedly have A list of military leadership does not exist and is another fake "– said in a statement.


Besides, it became aware of the new provocations of Russians on the border. So, on November 27, residents of the Putivlivsky district of the Sumy region (bordered by the Russian Federation) received an SMS message on behalf of the Ministry of Defense with a proposal to arrive at the nearest military units. Similar SMS recorded in other areas. The Defense Ministry said they did not send such messages and recalled that Russia had repeatedly resorted to similar tactics in the Donbas to send fake messages to the Ukrainian military at the front.

“This Russian informational influence on the citizens of Ukraine is nothing more than another manifestation of hybrid aggression of Russia against our state. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine calls on citizens not to be provoked by the special services of the Russian Federation to check the news and trust only information from official sources”– stressed the military.

We note the Russian "trolls" even in this case, managed to give a blunder – because of the situation in Ukraine fake messages calling to come to the draft board sent to the Poles. The Government Security Center of Poland confirmed that many residents of the eastern regions complained about receiving such fake appeals.

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