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Dancing with the stars 2018 – a pair of Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Ezhov went to the finals

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Even the judges of the draft to the final recognized: the progress of Lesia in the dances is impossible not to notice

Set a goal – to take it and reach the final! It's all about the pair of Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Ezhov on Dancing with the Stars 2018. After the broadcast, Lesya revealed the secret of her dancing success. What or who helped lead to the finals?

The audience is jubilant, Vlad Yama is surprised, and Lesya Nikityuk is already rehearsing new dance numbers. Because # bagіnyalamіnatu – in the final! Lesya does not hide – the Ukrainian people inspire her with new parquet deeds, whose love and support every time saves the TV presenter from relegation. In the last issue, the lead sang two dances, and both dedicated to her audience.

"The show Dancing with the Stars and enormous spectator support is what helped me to believe in myself and improve myself as a 100% artist. Having traveled half the world, I was able to communicate with dancers, singers and actors – do you know what conclusion? Real artists, they are professionals in everything! They are diversified, when they need to sing, when they need to dance, play and improvise – this is the artist. I try to improve myself as much as possible in this direction. I am a completely sincere person. He doesn’t like such a format. e just so easy, but I realized yesterday in life everything is possible ", -. Nikitiuk said.

Photo: Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Ezhov

Lesya – not the easiest participant in the project. Everyone remembers her verbal scuffles with Vlad Yama. Nikityuk just loves honesty and is always frank with judges and spectators.

“Evaluations for me have never been a criterion for success in a show. For me, progress and audience approval are important,” says Lesya Nikityuk. “It’s very important to understand that television will disappear without dialogue, so in every word I display boundless gratitude and love for the viewer. Because just for him, I do everything. I really want every Sunday night to be brighter and more interesting than the previous one. I want to thank them so much for their support! "

Even the judges of the draft to the final recognized: the progress of Lesia in the dances is impossible to miss.

Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Ezhov (Photo:

“Maxim and Lesya are great lads,” says Dmitry Monatik. “Their latest numbers are amazing to the core. And the semi-final tango with Olya Polyakova was truly royal. I really wish them spectator support!”

“Dancing is really not easy for Lesya, but I really like her attitude to the process, the way she listens and HEAR the comments, the way she tries,” Vlad Yama comments.

As a result – Lesya Nikityuk and Maxim Yezhov get to the final in the show "Tantsі s zirkami"!

We will remind, earlier Lesya Nikityuk showed how she goes to shopping. At the same time, the TV presenter tried on a down jacket from a famous designer for $ 1000 in a familiar humorous form.

Prior to this, Lesya Nikityuk shared a funny moment of her childhood.

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