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Chernomorets continues to clean the ranks – two more players will leave Odessa ᐉ UA-Football

Odessa “Chernomorets” continues the cleansing of ranks that has been outlined after the arrival of the new coaching staff. In the three weeks that have passed since the appearance of the team of “sailors” Ostap Markevich on the captain’s bridge, footballers invited during the disastrous period of Angel Chervenkov’s work began to leave the team.

To date, the last of those who failed to fully meet expectations was defender Denis Vasiliev. According to UA-Football’s information, one of the representatives of the summer football landing called “those over 30” has already left the team. During the time spent by the player in the “Chernomorets”, he managed to take part in only six games, after which he was forced to leave Odessa. For the 32-year-old pilgrim who changed teams in the last ten years every year, Chernomorets became the ninth in a row.

In addition to Vasiliev, the forward Vasily Pavlov was also out of the main clip. The 29-year-old footballer, the only Russian legionnaire in Ukrainian football in the past few seasons, continues to have a contract with Chernomorets. However, apparently, in a T-shirt of the main team of “sailors” the fans will no longer see him. The fact is that the efficiency of the Russian, called up to Odessa to score goals, fell markedly in the first league. And after Pavlov failed his teammates in a cup match with Nikolayev in just a few minutes on the field, managing to earn a red card, the curve of his career at Chernomorets plummeted.

Now he is training outside the main team, and his future at the Odessa club is a big question. Given that the Russian legionnaire is not very effective in the first league, and the requirements for the legionary are a priori high, we can conclude that the current coaching staff of “Chernomorets” is unlikely to be needed. Vasily Pavlov's contribution to the tournament affairs of the “sailors” this season is estimated at 9 matches and 3 goals scored.

These players list is not regularly leaving the “Chernomorets” frames. Recall that earlier, with an interval of only a few weeks, the club said goodbye to three players. The first in the midst of October was goalkeeper Dmitry Bezotosny, who lost the confidence of the coaches after three gross errors in four championship matches played.

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The forward Vladimir Koval, who in 30 official matches was marked by only three productive strikes, did not fulfill his obligations. For an attacking player, this figure is unacceptably low – especially when you consider that he decreased even more after the departure of the “Black Sea” from the elite to the first league. Koval’s game did not withstand any criticism not only among the fans, but also the new coaching staff, which predetermined his imminent departure from the Odessa team.

The young midfielder Maxim Voytikhovsky, who was removed in the first part of the sensational away match between Chornomorets and Balkans, was forced to leave Odessa. Odessa club and soccer player terminated the agreement.

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