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Ani Lorak showed a new photo – fans discuss her image

Legs are so short: fans are discussing a new photo of Ani Lorak


Ani Lorak showed off her new photo on the web

Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak, who often performs in Russia, showed her new photo, which alarmed the network. The new photo singer showed in her Instagram account.

"Every day gives us new colors. How are you doing?", Ani Lorak wrote.

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Instagram Screenshot

It is worth noting that many netizens did not rate this photo.

“Your legs are so short you have a scarecrow!” Noted firtev

"The mare is wide-skinned .. I am Lorak! Phew! It's so similar to a transvestite!", Wrote zeriev.

"Ugh," wrote printsesa646.

"What a strange outfit," – perceva7_7_7.

"The taste is just awful," noted kseniiakorpenk.

"Yes, when you take off these shorts," commented shuk.mexa.

“Ukraine did not miss such a daughter,” wrote svetina.svetlana.

"Yes, summer shorts for warm tights – the top of perfection," – said the user.

“I’m completely worn out,” wrote viktor.reutskii.

Recall that recently Ani Lorak showed a bold image.

Earlier it was reported that recently Ani Lorak boasted a black and white photo shoot, during which showed her press.

We also wrote that Ani Lorak is credited with a romance with Russian artist Sergei Lazarev.

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