Tuesday , November 12 2019
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Video … Residents help the Syrian control gang of hashish and narcotic drugs

Despite the withdrawal of terrorist groups from the countryside of the city of Damascus in recent months, but another type of terrorism is still hidden behind citizens through the poison of drug dealers, with the continuation of the work of the competent authorities to combat this extreme terrorism in Syrian society.

Official news agency SANA reported that the Syrian authorities arrested several people with a large number of tablets of cactone and cannabis in the country's capital, Damascus.

In a statement by the agency, a source in the Syrian security authorities said that "during careful monitoring and based on investigations and information on the locations and movements of the group of traffickers and drug smugglers, the patrol was ambushed by competent authorities and raided to their location in rural areas Damascus and their arrest, A large number of drugs is estimated at 200 kg of cannabis and 600 thousand tablets of kptagon. ”

A video released by SANA showed that a large number of cannabis and cannabis tablets were seized by a group of smugglers. A security source said that “after the completion of the preliminary investigations, the competent judicial authorities will be handed over with them in order to receive punishment for what they have committed in accordance with the Syrian laws and regulations in force”.

The source indicated that the seizure of these quantities was carried out in collaboration with residents of the region and more than 115 thousand tablets of kptagon and 262 kg of hashish for smuggling and trafficking on a farm on the administrative border between the provinces of Damascus and Homs.

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