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Tuning the frequencies of the channels that transmit the episode from the resurrection of Argument 125 “Part V”, translated by Turkasat and Nilesat

The historic Artagrel series from Turkey is one of the most Turkish playwrights that have spread throughout the Arab world and in Turkey. Therefore, we will present to you through this article the channels of transport through which we can watch the Artagrill Part V series and, despite many parts of the series, and although the episode’s time is approaching the clock, This dramatic work is still increasing dramatically in the Arab region. The success of this series is not limited only to the Arab world or only to Turkey, but extends to other countries, such as Greece and Armenia.

The Ertgrel series – the Turkish series says that an important part of Islamic history is the beginning of the Ottoman state, which for centuries dominated the government in Islamic countries, where Argrel, who tells the series, is his story "father" of Osman, the founder of the Ottoman Empire, the unification of the Turkish tribes and the fight against the enemies thanks to its strength and the power of wisdom.

Channel channels of the Artgrel series

Channel namefrequencyMoon
Qatar TV10719 V 27500

11604 B 27500

Nil cb

Suhail sat

4Shbab TV Egypt11315 V 27500Nil cb
Yarmuk University11678 Horizontal 27500Nil cb
TRT 1 HD Turkey11054 V 30000Türksat 42 ° E

The series is broadcast free of charge and is open on all channels, broadcast every week, especially on Wednesday at 8:00 pm in Egypt, ninth in Saudi Arabia, on the trt channel, which is broadcast on a Turkish satellite, but the series will be in its original language, and Qatar’s channel Series Mdbalja then on Thursday at eight o'clock in Egypt, as well as the channel Shabab Egyptian exposure at 18:00.

The Argeron Resurrection series is broadcast in more than 23 countries of the world and is demonstrated as a translator in more than one language after the great success of past seasons. But there are signs that the fifth part of the series will continue until mid-2019.

All viewers can watch the new episode of the series through This link

Episode No. 124 of the series “Argerlal Resurrection” was released on the Al Nour website. Watch the full episode 124 Through the channel, also invited, after the broadcast of episode 124 of Part V on Wednesday evening, which witnessed many conflicts and interesting events, viewers are watching the next episode of the resurrection series of Artagril.

A new episode of the Turkish Artegrel Arabic translation series of high quality has appeared on the website of electronic light for all those who follow dramatic actions, and also presented an episode on the Yarmouk channel, translated a few days ago.

The popular Turkish series is popular with Muslims all over the world, and this is evident from the very high rate of viewing its episodes over the Internet.

Everyone is looking forward to the events of the new episode of the 125 series “Arjarlal Resurrection” after the events in the latest episode of the Turkish historical work. Episode 125 of part V will be broadcast on Wednesday evening on the Turkish TV channel TRT. Two hours later, Al Noor TV translated into Arabic.

Many channels, such as Yarmouk and Al-Jazeera, broadcast the third episode of the fifth season of the Artgrel series in the next few hours.

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