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"Tomorrow" Artegrel Episode 133 Diriliş Ertuğrul | Frequency of the first Turkish channel and carrier channels to return via satellite Leave Sat – Nilesat

The Arab world follows the Turkish historical series, the resurrection of Diriliş Ertuğrul, the fifth part, after long-awaited followers of the series re-broadcast episodes of fun after a pause for several months and re-broadcast the series from new followers, the first episode was broadcast, And even episode 132, the series and everyone follows the episode 133 episode of the historical series, and we will show you in this article our outstanding summary of the previous episodes of the serial and the episode of Bromo, episode 133, and exclusively the episode channels, so to to, we show you the time episodes, standard time for all countries, each to be able to follow the series of any state.

Episode 133 from the Artgrel series

On the official page of the epic series Artegrel announced the promotion of a new episode of the series, which is scheduled to be shown on various channels, on the site Light – Yarmouk channel, etc., On Wednesday, January 30, 2019, against the background of wide public observation in the Arab world.

The Resurrection Series of Argerela

Al Nour, the official page of the series, Facebook Facebook FacebookANDHistorical Twitter serial pageThe propaganda work, 125 from the epic TV series Artegrel, after viewers from the entire Arab world followed her, she wanted Abeligi to avenge the death of her father from her son Artgrel, and told him, but denied that his son he had a relationship with the death of her father, Dragus and his honesty, however, Artegrel went north to follow his son, but people trapped him in the north of the country, and the soldiers around him tried to kill him, and went south from Tigris, Dragus, her father's killers, and the famous sword in his face, and finished the ring on it.

Channel channels of the Artgrel series

Frequency channel TRT 1 on satellite Sat Sat

Channel nameCurrent frequencyCoding ratepolarization
TRT 11195430,000Vertical V

Frequency channel Yarmuk on NileSat

Channel nameCurrent frequencycodingpolarization
Yarmuk University1167827500Vertical V

The frequency of the Jerusalem channel on NileSat

channelfrequencyCoding ratepolarization
Jerusalem1131627500Vertical V

The timing of the presentation of the rings Artgrel in Arab countries

  • 8:00 pm Wednesday every week in Karkia.
  • 8:00 pm Wednesday of each week in Mecca is Kuwait, Yemen, Iraq.
  • 18:00 Wednesday of each week Tunisian time – Algeria – Morocco.
  • 19:00 Wednesday every week in Cairo – Syria.
  • 21:00 on time Abu Dhabi.

The first Turkish channel presented a new episode of the epic series Artgerel on Wednesday evening January 22, 2019 at 19:00, which will be presented by Yarmuk the next day.

In the fifth part there are many exciting situations and events, the most important of which is the death of the first hero of the series, the death of Artgrel, with the advent of a new hero, his son Osman, who captured the tribe between Aleppo and Antioch.

The frequencies of the channels mentioned above, the first Turkish, Yarmouk and Jerusalem broadcast episodes in high quality, and the first, presented in the first Turkish language, is not translated and not duplicated, the other channels continue to move in the rehearsal rings after the translation.

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