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Student Self-Evaluation – UAE Today

These days the school year is coming to an end, and with the end of the school year, we, teachers and parents, are in charge of evaluation with each of our sons and daughters, each of whom assesses the quality of performance on his part from the beginning of the school year, at this meeting we know children Girls, especially young people, how to assess their performance and self-esteem.

In this case, we put children on the first rung of the planning ladder and use different skills to track weaknesses and strengths of academic performance, and here we find many things that went through a student’s life during the school year, including problems that were overcome. and some could not overcome. On others I remained in front of him and continued to suffer in silence without feeling it.

This analytical and assessment session with a student or student conducted by parents is not intended to reprimand or praise the student, but to make the student aware that life is a journey, that this path is full of trials and ambitions and that must make efforts to overcome difficulties and difficulties, Ambition, and he must also understand that his efforts are the basis of his life.

I think that this analytical and assessment session should not only be at an academic and educational level, but should include the whole learning environment that surrounds the student, he should be able to help the student understand himself, reveal his talents and improve his skills. All this requires that we help him determine the form of social relationships that he has associated with classmates and school, and how successful these relationships have been, and have a positive impact on his educational and behavioral paths.We should help the student express his own views on the characters the roles of the people around him. Aloqr These are students and students who form the cornerstone of his educational path and his cruel treatment of life in general.

In this analytical and evaluative lesson, we must open a new page with a student or student after he successfully completed the assessment process and clarified himself with weakness and strength, and was also transparent in terms of his academic performance and his efforts at school and at home, and on this new page we should be His main topic is hope for tomorrow, making this session a positive energy that moves a student or a student to new horizons, thanks to which he rearranges himself and sets priorities for the new academic year, gender ny science and education.

General Secretary of the Educational Caliph Prize


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