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Middle East without Palestinians? Netanyahu's dream is coming true!

The Israeli newspaper Ha'aretz reported that the neglect of Arab diplomats in the Palestinian cause in international forums ends with its exclusion because it was “the question of the first Arab leaders” in all international forums.

“From Qatar and even Iran, none of the countries participating in the MED-2018 conference on the Middle East did not affect the Palestinians, but, on the other hand, normalization of relations with Israel was on the agenda,” he said. Complete in the political situation in the Middle East. "

The Foreign Minister of Qatar, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani, said that the main problems in the Middle East are: the blockade of Saudi Arabia Qatar, the war in Yemen and Syria, the chaos in Libya and political unrest in Lebanon.

She stressed that the absence of the Palestinian issue in Al-Thani’s speech was even more obvious in light of the fact that Qatar was already deeply involved in the Palestinian cause, or rather in Gaza, where he was supported by financial and political support.

For his part, the Secretary General of the League of Arab States, Ahmed Abul Gheit, also cited the main reasons for which he considers destabilization of the region: "The Iran-Iraq war, the occupation of Iraq in 1990 by Kuwait and September 11, and the US invasion of Iraq."

Abul Gheit, who served as foreign minister under former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, said that one of the main causes of the chaos in the Middle East was the so-called "Arab Spring", which led to the destruction of the Arab world. "

However, Abul Gheit later noted that in addition to Iran’s “interference” in the affairs of the Arab states, the Palestinian issue remains one of two major problems in the region and that “without resolving the chaos in the region will continue.”

However, against the background of speeches by other representatives of Member States of the League of Arab States at a conference that ignored or underestimated the Palestinian problem, Abul Gheit’s words turned out to be a mere formality, the Israeli newspaper said.

Instead, there was a greater interest in normalizing relations with Israel on stage and behind the scenes, she said, referring to the statement made by the Omani foreign minister on this issue when he called on the Arab world "to accept the fact that Israel’s presence in the region is a reality »He must have his share of“ rights and obligations ”.

The document points out to what extent "Israel and the Palestinians are no longer the center of problems in the region, it was so obvious that even Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif focused on criticism of the Saudis and the United States and refused to mention Israel."

“It’s hard for me to convince analysts of the need to conduct research on this issue,” said a senior European expert on the Middle East, who has been dealing with Israel and the Palestinians for decades. "No one sees the slightest value for such a case."

“Netanyahu’s dream seems to have been achieved … he always tried to remove the Palestinians from the agenda, but we must be careful with our wishes. The Palestinians will not go anywhere, they will not disappear, ”a former Israeli diplomat who attended the conference quotes the newspaper. This problem will come back to us with double force. ”


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