Monday , January 25 2021

Learn about the world's most famous children's songs.

World Children's Day marks World Children's Day on Tuesday, November 20, 1954, commemorating the anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child by the United Nations General Assembly.

Egyptian musicians paid great attention to children, offering a lot of fun and easy songs that fit their mind at this stage of life.

In the next report, “Fajr Al Fani” offers the best 6 Arab songs for a child.

1- kettle

One of the most famous children's songs, written by the late Salah Jahin and composed by Ibrahim Rajab and a rich master navigator.

2 – Girls softer objects
Singer Suad Hosni performed one of the most famous children's songs “The Kindest Girls”, written by Salah Jahin and composed by Kamal Al-Tawil.

3 – The night is gone
The late musician and singer Mohammed Fawzi is one of the most famous songs of children. His most famous songs are “Zahab al-Layl,” written by Hussein al-Sayyid and composed by Fawzi himself.

4 – Mama Zamania Jaya
In addition to Night of Night, Mohammed Fawzi introduced the song “Mama Zamanha Jaya”, one of the songs of Fathi Koura.

5- Shokbat-Shahabit
In 2007, Nancy Ajram released a full-length album for children, including 8 songs, primarily Shokbat Shakhabit and Shater Shater.

6 Daughters, daughters!
After the success of “Shokbat Shakhabit”, Nancy Ajram released a second album entitled “Ya Banat Ya Banat” (“I am a Banat I Banat”), which included 6 songs written by Nabil Khalaf and composed by Walid Saad.

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