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Industrial Revolution IV tops Summit Industrialization Agenda

The second session of the World Summit on Industrialization and Industrialization, held for three days in the main conference hall in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg, ended yesterday with a new declaration that will serve as a roadmap for the global industrial sector in the coming years. The summit was held with the participation of the Minister of Energy and Industry of the UAE, Suhila Al Mazrouya, as well as a large number of government officials and representatives of key national and private sectors representing various industries and businesses in the country.

During the summit, the UAE delegation examined the opportunities and areas of investment in the UAE in various industrial sectors, as well as the advantages enjoyed by investors in the country, and held intensive meetings with representatives of participating delegations to discuss strategic partnerships and learn about the latest technologies in the industry.

More than 2,000 participants representing governments and the private sector in various countries of the world, as well as regional and international organizations, participated in the Summit. During the Summit, they discussed more than 40 sessions on the most pressing issues and challenges related to the global industry, providing innovative solutions for many of them, and also discussed the events of the fourth industrial revolution and its advantages, opportunities and problems at the same time. women.

Mazrui: No support for students and young people in the UAE

The Minister of Energy and Industry, Suheil Al-Mazrui, urged emirate students to specialize in promising areas, full of problems and requiring innovation, quality solutions and talented specialists.

“There are no restrictions on support available to students and youth in the country,” said Al Mazroui at a meeting yesterday with a group of UAE university students attending the World Summit on Industry and Manufacturing. He stressed that the role of government is to provide young people and students with the best education and the best opportunities for vocational training, and young people must show determination, will and self-confidence on an ongoing basis, no matter what difficulties they face.

“The nature of jobs will change, but people can adapt to any future changes if they are familiar with the necessary science, technology, skills, training and self-development,” he said. Al Mazrui noted that people can create employment opportunities in their own way, thanks to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship development, noting that there are many success stories for people who started from scratch and created new projects that later became international companies. Al-Mazrui stressed that the doors of the ministry and relevant authorities are open to meet any requests from students for external cooperation in research or practical training, etc. He noted that, for example, Mubadala has an office in Russia and is associated with extensive international partnerships . In the case of any scientific or research or technical programs related to a company outside the UAE, contact the Mubadala team and ask about the name of the desired company, which may belong to the UAE or have partnerships or cooperation with organizations and companies of the UAE, Students' requests are thus fulfilled

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