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"Homeland" will win the law of the "Senate" of the teeth

The great mufti of a camel on Swikhan Square yesterday celebrated the camel camel competition for the four-day Tania, after strong competitions on the 10th day of the 13th Sultan Bin Zayed Heritage Festival, organized by the Emirates Heritage Club and the Sultan Bin Zayed Center. Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the representative of His Highness, President and Club President, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rakah, and Al Amery, Sheikh Obeid Bin Salmin Al Mansuri and Hamid Said Bouladj Al Rumaiti, Executive Director for Events and Events, Deputy Director General Sultan Bin Zayed Center, Vice Chairman of the High Committee, Chairman of the Media Committee at the festival, laureates of the ten leading positions in camel camel competitions: Asael, Tahaya and Al-Mutia "Vatan" for Hama Yes Saida Al-Mahrami, the Sons of the Tribes "and the Machines" arrived and "Dzhenar", Sheikh Saikh bin Khalifa bin Saif bin Muhammad Al Nahyan again won the car, and then "Mcdip" to his highness Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan and won the car , and took fourth place in Midi by Sheikh Dr. Hazz, Dr. Hazz, Sheikh Zayed Bin Khalifa Bin Saif Al Nahyan, and Al-Vari Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Daws for Musaffere Mohammed Ayed Ali Al Kahtani, Zafaran Sheikh Ah Hahif Khalifah Muhammad Bhamer Ayed Ali Al Kahtani, Zafaran Sheikh Ah Hahif Khalifa Bhaif Alh Qahtani Bin Mohammed Al Nahyan, and was replaced by Sheikh Hazza bin Sultan Bin Zah Id Al Nahyan, Following the "Sheikh" Sheikh Dr. Khalid bin Sultan bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

Al-Mutaya was awarded Schaaf bin Qasim Omar bin Qasim al-Amiri, Namus Shut, silver tribesmen and the car, and then the luck of Khamis Majid al-Mansouri, and then al-Majid ben Nisib al-Rawahi. "Golden Sons of the Tribes" and the car, and then "Azza" Mohammed bin Halfan ben and won the car, and then the "character" of Khamis Mohammed Mansuri and won the car, and during the harvest "Altlad" won the "Zamta" of Amer Amer Mansuri according to the law half and the car, "How" Abdullah Barak Al Mazrui, then "Operator" Rashed Mubarak Hamad Al-Hajri.


Sheikh Zayed The Heritage Club Research and Research Center of the Emirates organized a symposium yesterday called “Sheikh Zayd’s Race and a Camel: From Authenticity to Modernity”, dedicated to the efforts of the late Sheikh Zayd bin Sultan Al Nahyan. In the development of camel sports and the great progress achieved by His Excellency Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the representative of His Highness, President of the UAE.

The workshop was attended by Dr. Obeid Al-Mansouri and Ali Abdullah Al-Rumayti, Executive Director for Research and Media at the Emirates Heritage Club. The first session was led by Dr. Hamdan Al-Derai, head of research and research at the Center, and discussed scientific efforts to develop camel breeds.

The second session was called “Sheikh Zayed and the modernization of the camel sport” and was chaired by Muslim Al-Amiri. Ahmed Al Ameri, Khalil Al Mazrui and Mohammed Al Amiri spoke about the role of Sheikh Zayed in creating the foundations of interest in hereditary sports, including camel racing.

Heritage Efficiency

The popular market witnessed the effectiveness of the bride's wedding in memory of the traditions of old weddings in the UAE. A number of newly announced men and women who represent the sons of several foreign communities in the country attended the market.

Al Ain for Salvation

The efforts of the Al Ain rescue team manifested themselves at the festival, where a group of young people use their experience and potential to rescue festival visitors or those who organize it, who are exposed to any accidents due to environmental complexity and help at any time and in any place


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