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Do phones replace professional cameras?

After the cameras of smartphones have replaced compact digital cameras and surpassed them in quality and potential, now it moves to another level, competing with professional cameras, advanced technologies and applications for image processing and simple sharing at the sites.

In recent years, cameras for smartphones have been able to achieve an obvious development, and opinions about them have changed if they replace cameras with professional ones. With this development, especially after the introduction of artificial intelligence on the line, some believe that over the next five years the ability of a smartphone’s camera to take pictures of the same quality as a professional camera, while others believe that even if smartphones with a camera imitate professional cameras After five years, but will not be able to simulate a professional camera, which will be released in five years, which will also significantly develop in turn. In this context, it should be noted that in solutions for smartphones one cannot deny the digital camera of a compact camera and surpass it in quality and capabilities. But even this rule differs from a specialized digital camera, such as those that can be immersed in water, or those that are made to withstand shocks.

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