Sunday , January 17 2021

Carlos Ghosn from the hero of the savior in Japan to the captive cheater

In Japan, it is difficult to give corporate leadership roles to foreigners, but Lebanese, Carlos Ghosn, 64, is an exception to this rule. This man is not only one of the rare foreign leaders in the samurai country, but also has a high appreciation. There is respect.

The Japanese loved Ghosn for their miracle, saving the famous car company Nissan from bankruptcy and turning it in record time into profitability after many years of losses and debts.

He started branch, A native of Lebanon, a Brazilian of French origin, has a career in Michelin, France, and then moved to Renault. He joined branch For Nissan in 1999, after Renault bought a controlling stake in the company, which became its chief executive officer in 2001.

Under the leadership of Ghosn, Nissan paid $ 20 billion in debt in just three years, a task almost impossible.

Moving between Paris and Tokyo, and serving approximately 150,000 miles on the plane throughout the year, dubbed the Japanese media b (7.11) (where he worked hard from early morning until late evening).

His life story was documented as a supernatural hero in a series written in Japan called The True Story of Carlos Ghosn,

Ghosn has been the title of a number of English, Japanese and French books. He wrote an English book about his history with Nissan, one of the best-selling books in the business, entitled Transformation, The Historical Development of Nissan. Another business book is Transformation. How Carlos Gonn Saved David Maggie Nissan.

He explained some business comments and inspirational Dors directors in a book called Ghosn: 24 Inspiring lessons from Carlos Ghosn, the world's most successful CEO Migul Rivas-Mekod.

Carlos stayed Ghosn maintains two very high positions. Chairman Nissan Motor and CEO Renault France.

Japan’s state television announced today that Gon was arrested in Tokyo on suspicion of financial misconduct.

“The Tokyo District Prosecutor’s Office arrested the chairman of Nissan Ghosn on suspicion of violating the law,” the official NHK channel reported.

French stocks fell more than 12% in morning trading in Paris.

Nissan said that Ghosn “announced several years of revenue less than its actual income,” the internal investigation said.

“In addition, several acts of unlawful conduct were discovered, such as using the company's property for personal use,” the group said, adding that it would offer the council “to quickly remove it from the office.”

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