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Arab Physical Education Union discusses strategy for improving school sports in Cairo

Publication date 30/01/2019 – 23:01

The Arab Union for Physical Education and Sport is organizing a second conference of government officials on school sports in the Arab world called the “Strategic Plan for the Development of School Sports in the Arab World” on March 5 and 6 of next year in Cairo as part of the Arab School of Handball and Table Tennis, which take place during this period. From March 2 to 13.
This conference is open to all researchers and officials responsible for school sports in Arab countries in various fields and elements chosen to participate in their research, field and scientific experiments. The purpose of the conference is to develop possible solutions to various problems related to physical education and school sports in the Arab world. In order to popularize school sports, researchers in the field of sports, as well as all officials in this field, are invited to express their views and opinions in order to make an effective contribution to the enrichment of the scientific discussion in order to solve these problems.
The conference is chaired by Said bin Sanad Al-Sind, Saudi Arabia, as President, Dr. Muammar Amrani, Algeria, as First Vice-President, and Dr. Iman Hassan, Egypt, as Second Vice-President.
The theme of the conference consists of four main topics: the first topic: the current reality of physical and sports education in the Arab world, and the second axis: increasing the performance of teachers and leaders in physical education and sports; third axis: school sports in the Arab world. In promoting Arab identity and collaborative Arab action.
For her part, Dr. Iman Hassan, the Chairperson of the Arab High School Sessions Committee and the Vice-Chairperson of the Commission overseeing the conference, said that this conference is in line with the invitation of President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi of the Republic on interest in school sports and will be a good opportunity find realistic solutions using the topics presented at the conference For discussion and, therefore, come up with recommendations that directly contribute to the development of school sports and the development of school teachers and physical education leaders in schools, which will have a positive impact on our children in schools at home level. Arab.

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