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Abu Dhabi Publishing Forum concludes second session

Abu Dhabi Bay

The Abu Dhabi Publishing Forum, organized by the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture and Tourism, concluded its second meeting on January 28-30 in Maratar al-Sa'diat on the theme “The Future of Electronic Publications: Technologies and Challenges – Global Experience”. Experts and publishing specialists from 28 countries of the world, as well as a number of international and Arab organizations.

Forum participants toured the capital, including the Louvre of Abu Dhabi and the Grand Mosque of Sheikh Zayed, where they expressed their admiration for the achievements of the United Arab Emirates in the near future, stressing that Abu Dhabi had become the capital of culture and the arts in the region and a meeting point for various civilizations and cultures. Through his many actions and actions, and his huge cultural projects that promote the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence and dialogue with each other.

During the visit, they expressed their pride in participating in the forum and provided them with the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the field of electronic and audio publications, as well as open new horizons for cooperation between them, as well as get acquainted with the culture and heritage of the UAE.

The three-day publishing forum in Abu Dhabi continued to discuss various issues related to the publishing industry, electronic and audio books industry, and its problems, in particular, piracy and failure to implement laws protecting the rights of operators of the industry. The rights. Discussions during the dialogue sessions were aimed at studying the future of this industry in the light of rapid technical progress, emphasizing that there is no contradiction between paper and electronic books.

The forum also organized a series of related workshops, including the “Deploying on the Amazon Platform. Mechanisms and perspectives ”, seminar“ How to create a voice book ”, seminar“ How to protect a book from piracy ”and“ Future books. Reading in 2050 ". And "interactive applications for children's books."

The accompanying technical exhibition attracted the attention of participants and visitors to the forum, providing the latest technologies of electronic and voice publishing and new technologies in the world of the book industry, as well as supporting its development and achievements to motivate all members of the community to read with a number of local companies and publishers in the UAE publishing houses ". As well as the participation of leading state and international bodies in the field of digital transformation.

“At its second session, the forum was able to present a comprehensive program of interactive sessions and interactive seminars that covered various issues related to electronic publishing from different points of view,” said Abdullah Majid Al Ali, acting executive director of the library sector. Before participants present your own initiatives in this area, the problems they face, and the search for solutions. The forum was also attended by e-publishing specialists from different countries who contributed to the fact that participants gained the experience of several countries that had not been fully informed before, and all in the interests of promoting the e-publishing industry and opening up promising markets for their employees, which leads to the spread of knowledge and culture around the world. "

Said Hamdan al-Tanidji, director of publishing services, said that active participation in the forum confirmed his position as an outstanding platform bringing together experts and specialists in publishing both digital and print publications from around the world to discuss all related issues and events. He explained that the forum deals with the application of the Department’s strategy, which aims to spread knowledge and culture.

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