Friday , January 22 2021

VAT discount increases furniture sales

MASKO Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mehmet Mutlu, the VAT reduction in the furniture sector has revived the sector, said: “The discount has begun to revive our business. Our sales increased by 30-40 percent compared with the previous month. This month, I think, we will feel more at the beginning of the new year. He said.

He spoke about the furniture industry. furniture industry annual export volume of Turkey last year, $ 2.7 billion, is an expression, happy, “this year the export industry will grow to $ 4 billion with 8 percent of the zone, we are making $ 320 million in MASKO & DA. In the next process, our exports will accelerate more. we give weight to the export side, we produce new management and new projects. Our goal is to Turkey up to the level of 15 percent share in total exports. "made his assessment.

Stating that the Turkish furniture sector continues to grow rapidly in the domestic and international arena, Mutlu said that Turkish manufacturers have become preferable to many countries with the quality of their products, price advantage and fast delivery options.

Stating that Italy is the most powerful country in the furniture industry in terms of design and value-added, Mutlu said that China received the lion's share of the overall market due to its favorable pricing policy.

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Turkish furniture manufacturers, to become the head of these two countries, are working hard to express that Happy, “Furniture, known as the heart and the 550 companies in the structure of MASKO, is preparing for a serious attack with a new leadership, will take place in March. MASKO will participate as a global giant in the market, will sell products to the Chinese market. – he continued.


Referring to tax cuts in the furniture industry, Mehmet Mutlu said that the works were open.
Mutlu noted:
“The decision to reduce the tax was made in a timely manner, and for us it was a decision for life. We were very pleased to support the sectors affected by the stagnation in the markets that were primarily affected and acted as locomotives. We continue to make every effort to contribute to our efforts to create, produce, create jobs and promote our economy, and our sales began to revive our business, and our sales increased by 30-40 percent compared to the previous month . Nevertheless, I would like to note that the spring and summer months are a much more important period for the furniture sector, so I cannot say that our demand for the extension of the discount until June 2019 is not expressed.

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