Wednesday , January 20 2021

Referee of the game was Virgil van Dyck – European football news

The captain of the Dutch national team, Virgil Van Dyck, Germany, in the last minutes of his country's match with the semi-finals of the country, moved to advance the hearts.

UEFA Champions League 1. Germany in the group fight with Germany, forty long from the field in the 85th and 90th minutes of the match with goals 2-2 & nun and left the group, having completed the leader, was able to reach the semi-finals.

Virgil van Dyck, captain of the team who gave life to the Netherlands with the goal he scored in the match moments, gathered applause at the end of the match. The images that he reassured the Romanian referee Ovidiu Hetegan were applauded.

Experienced referee Hategan recently lost his mother, the whisper of emotional moments lived with tears and could not control. Van Dyck, a successful defender of the Netherlands, laid his head on the referee.

After the game, the Liverpool footballer said: After the match, he could not control his emotions and could not hold back tears. Because her mother lost her life. I wanted him to be strong and tell him that he was playing a good game. This is a bit of something, but maybe it helped. (Press)

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