Monday , February 24 2020
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Mulai claimed! Safety in action

In the Ktekli district, where the center and students of Menti University were in a state of concentration, one person from a foreign citizen, 14 syllables from a woman with foreign citizenship, soon spread this word from ear to ear.

On the other hand, Mula was taken by security officers in the Asylum Department. As a result of the investigations conducted in Ktekli and officials of Mula l Salk Mdrl, an accusation was revealed.

Mula Tabip Odas on the subject of “laundering” Mr. Turan, “all rumors are just rumors.

As in every city of Mules, there are, of course, those who have HIV viruses. But it does not cause concern. We will discuss these allegations with the HIV / AIDS Difference Panel on November 30 at the Atatrk Kltr Center at the University of Motkok Koman. We invite everyone to our group at 4 pm, ”he said.

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