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Messages Kandil 2018! Send the most beautiful messages of Mevlid Kandili to your loved ones … Let Kandil Mubarak!

Messages by Mevlid Kandila are among the most studied topics of the day. Hz Mohammed’s birthday (sa.a.s.) this year, November 19, 2018. Monday, November 20, 2018. Tuesday night, is aware of the night. You can celebrate your Mevlid Candle with beautiful messages you have prepared for yourself (text messages from Mevlid Kandili), text messages from your mobile phone or from your phone, computer or tablet, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp and Instagram. Here are the most beautiful Mevlid Kandili texts that you can send to your loved ones.

Mevlid means time of birth. Mevlid's concept means "born, place of birth and time of birth" in the dictionary. The night of Mevlid is the night between the 11th and 12th days of the month Rebiul Aven. The birthday of the Prophet is the holiday of all Muslims.

Mevlid The last prophet Muhammad (s.a.v), describing the birth of literary texts with the help of the authorities and reading. The word that went into Arabic into Turkish is also used in the meaning of the “birthday of the Prophet”. It is also known as mevlitd, mevlid and mevlut.

Rasulullah (s.a.s.), "Elephant Year", Rebiyulevel was born on the second night of the month on Monday. This is calculated as the twentieth of April 571, according to the calendar calendar. The house where he was born is located in a place called Mevlid Street near Safa Hill to the east of Beytulla.

We congratulate Mevlid Kandil on celebrating the arrival of our Prophet (birthday) in the world. Mevlid Kandila; We celebrate the reading of Mevlid, the reading of the Holy Quran and a short prayer.


Spring rose topped with a rose. Muhammad recalls that he stood up. Anyone who laughs at her will sniff. Bless your oil lamp of Mevlid.
Mevlid candle accepts your blessed prayers.

I hope that this blessed day will not bring the whole Islamic world.

Congratulations with your lamp Mevlid. I wish candles.

May your blessed be blessed. May the Almighty Lord accept all your prayers.

Your smiling face never disappears. Happy Mevlid's candle.

Blessed Mevlid Candindius. May the Almighty Lord accept all your prayers.

May our blessings be blessed with real hopes.

I would like to congratulate the oil lamp of Mevlid and wish a beautiful oil lamps full of happiness and peace.

Your heart will be healthy. Your Mevlit Kandiniliz Mubarak.

Bless your oil lamp of Mevlid. May Allah bless you and His blessings.

Happy birthday, happy birthday. Happy birthday with your Mevlid.

Adhan goes to prostrate, taken on top of all mankind, read. Bless your oil lamp of Mevlid.

Bless your oil lamp of Mevlid! May your hearts be filled with faith! Goody Kandil.

May my Lord believe in us and come from His servants who do not fall from His sight. Good candles.

Give us our hearts, this is the lamp in my Lord. Let your lamps bring good.

I hope that this wonderful Candil Day will bring peace to our people and all Muslims.

I wish you success in every job you start with the name of Allah. May your blessed be blessed.

May your true blessing be blessed with your true blessing as you are.

I wish this happy candle night brought you charity. Happy birthday

Let us take your prayer ministry at your service. Your calm Urgent anniversary of your death.

May Allah accept all the prayers that you did in the lamp of Mubarak Mevlid. Good candles!

Al-Muhammad in the Prophet Muhammad and Al-Al-Seyidin. May your blessed be blessed.

Today, blessings on your heart, blessings on your table, to enjoy health. May your blessed be blessed.

Tonight, Mevlit-Kandil is the night of liberation from sin. Let's pray, clean the books of sin, good oil lamps.


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