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Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? – A life

Jessica brown

We heard that the most important dish is breakfast, healthy and weak people do not break breakfast. Well, really?

The word “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” is an argument that all parents often use. But two thirds of adults in the UK and three thirds in the US are known to have breakfast.

“Our body consumes a lot of energy overnight to grow and recover,” says nutritionist Sarah Star Al. "A balanced breakfast and energy, as well as our levels of protein and calcium will be supplemented at the beginning of the day."

But some of them do not agree with the value attributed to breakfast. Some complain about the success of the diet for not eating long hours during the day, while others complain about the influence of the crisp market, which aims to send public opinion about the importance of breakfast. There is even an academic who claims that breakfast is “dangerous.”

Is breakfast the best way to start the day, or are crunchy companies exaggerating the importance of breakfast in their own interests?

Normal change

Breakfast research focuses on the connection between obesity and others.

In a study examining health data of 50,000 people in the United States, the body mass index of people who think and practice breakfast as the biggest meal of the day was lower than those who care about lunch or dinner.

The researchers attributed this to an increase in the saturation of breakfast, a decrease in daily calorie intake, an increase in the quality of our diet through the use of fiber foods and a reduced risk of insulin by increasing insulin sensitivity for subsequent meals.

However, to answer the question of whether or not it is breakfast, the researchers organized a 12-week program of weight loss with 52 obese women. All women took the same amount of calories in one day, but half started the day with breakfast, and the other half did not have breakfast.

It was observed that what made them lose weight was not to have breakfast, but to change their usual procedures. Those who did not eat breakfast earlier lost more weight than in their usual routine when they began to have breakfast. It was clear that those who usually had breakfast had lost this food and lost more weight than those who continued to eat breakfast.

Breakfast obesity

So why the link between weight loss and obesity, unless breakfast is the cause of weight loss?

Some attribute this problem to the fact that those who do not have breakfast have less information about nutrition and health. Those who eat breakfast may also be inclined to positive behavior, such as smoking or regular exercise.

When the results of 10 different studies were reviewed in 2016, it was concluded that the data linking breakfast and weight were “limited”. Claims that breakfast affected the weight or amount of food consumed remained unreasonable.

Periodic diet fasting

After a certain time in the evening to eat and continue to do the same in the form of continuing fasting on an empty stomach – this is a method of weight and overall health.

In a study conducted in 2018, she demonstrated that this diet is effective for controlling blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity and lowering blood pressure.

Eight men who were on the border with diabetes received two different regimens: half consumed half of their daily calorie needs from 09:00 to 15:00 in the morning, and the other half consumed the same amount of calories for 12 hours. It was noticed that the voltage of the first group decreased to the level created by the effect of the drug.

However, it is indicated that the subject group is small and that more research is needed in this area to identify long-term benefits.

The fact that the academician increases the amount of cortisol at the beginning of the day and that it causes type 2 diabetes, increasing insulin resistance over time, the fact that he considers morning breakfast to be dangerous, Bir is not very popular among researchers.

Experts, high body rhythm in the morning due to the high speed of cortisol is derived from the body.

In a study conducted with 18 patients with diabetes last year without 18 problems of diabetes, it was noted that the lack of breakfast violated the body clock in both groups and caused a sharp rise in blood sugar levels after the first meal. The researchers concluded that breakfast is important for the normal functioning of body clocks.

Dinner is very important.

However, Courtney Peterson, a nutritionist from the University of Alabama, stresses that those who do not eat breakfast should be divided into two groups. Those who eat in the morning and eat lunch during normal hours benefit from intermittent fasting diets, breakfast and those traveling late for dinner, the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases is greatly increased.

For this reason, Peterson believes that it is more important to stand during lunch than to have breakfast.

Blood glucose control is best in the early hours of the day. When we eat late, it becomes difficult to control. Therefore, even if we missed breakfast, we must be careful not to eat late.

A study in two universities in the UK is studying the effect of food hours on weight. Conclusions show that breakfast in the morning is beneficial in terms of weight control.

Healthy food

Breakfast not only affects your weight. Without breakfast, it is argued, the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes increases by more than 20 percent.

One reason for this may be the nutritional value of breakfast. In Western countries, the habit of eating a clear breakfast is common. Visit various vitamin and mineral supplements for breakfast. In a UK study of more than 1,600 young people, it was noted that those who have a regular breakfast had the best levels of fiber and folic acid, vitamin C, iron and calcium.

Experts also believe that breakfast has a positive effect on memory and concentration. But what he eats for breakfast is also important.

Some studies show that a high protein breakfast reduces food intake throughout the day.

Crispy consumption for breakfast in the UK and the United States is quite common. However, the fact that cereals contain high sugar content is a matter of concern.

Some will say that it would be better to do it in the morning if it is consumed sweetly.

As a result, 54 studies emphasize that there is no consensus about what type of breakfast is more useful, and most importantly – there is something in the morning.

However, some experts believe that the natural flow of the body, which feeds on hunger, is not a problem at dinner.

Someone wants to eat in the morning. A study of people on the border with diabetes, food, sugar in the blood, such as oatmeal, for example, food, has shown that it is useful.

Some experts believe that such research should be carried out taking into account personal differences. In addition, leaving aside eating habits per day, focusing on one dish will not give the right results.

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