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I am the singer of the monthly income Arda Turan-Berkai shocking words in the rumors Sahin

The Istanbul Court in the 41st Criminal Court of First Instance of the Istanbul Criminal Center Arda Turan and Berkei, a private guard of the courthouse, sat down. Lawyers of Arda Turan demanded a ban on the content of the hearings. Berkay Sahin and his wife Ozlem Sahin demanded that the request be rejected. The court rejected the petition of Arda Turan.

Identification Arda Turan, "Professional athlete. Monthly income of 300 thousand euros," he said. Berkay, "Singer's monthly income, thousand pounds," he said.

Berkay protection: "Arda Turan will accept the mistake of apology," he said. “He became a new father, I don’t want his child to remain at a distance of even an hour,” said Berkay, “he will accept the mess that he is going to use.”

“I didn’t take a pistol from home, it was ARABADIDI”
Lawyer Berkay Sahina Arda Turan – and "Why did you go with a gun instead of a flower?" he asked. Arda Turan said: “You are right. It was impossible to go with a gun. It was 5 o'clock in the morning. I did it to show sincerity, the family was a delicate matter for me. ”
Meanwhile, on the night of the event, Berkay showed Arde Turan how to keep his neck with a private security guard.

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"I did not speak with the subject matter"
Arda Turan “I do not accept any charges. Berkei's wife and family were not at it. During the speech, Berkay said to me: "Y …" he said. I did not say the item "Ozlem", said.

This lawyer Berkay Sahin: “Miss Ozlem said that you do not know. Why do you think such a slander? ”He asked.
Arda Turan takes the floor and says: “I do not know how the lives of others are progressing. His answer is to ask your customers. ”
Ozlem Sahin said: “On the night of the event, Arda Turan,“ very nice. I wouldn't miss you if you weren't married. ” Arda Turan was an alcoholic. I left there. I have not slandered anyone. It has been used.

Lawyer Berkay said: “With regard to equality, apply Ahmet to Arda Turan regarding what is applied to him. The decision to arrest is at your discretion. We demand compliance with the provisions of judicial control, ”he said. The court postponed the hearing to June 19.

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