Monday , January 25 2021

He was searched for 10 days! The bad news

The funeral of Altynkurta was found by a young man who went to the garden of his mother's vineyard house in a camp with his friends. Social housing districts, a district known as Zeliha, famous for 8-year-old Elmas Altynkurt and given on November 8, because this news did not take any action. To find the 85-year-old orphaned women with Alzheimer's disease, there were mobilization dogs, as well as teams of 200 people, as well as official teams. 15 meters from the high mountain house 40 meters from the house of vineyards in the yard of death of death due to death and the investigation of death. Health and gendarmerie groups on the incident when notifying the owners of the incident, when the old woman on the first exams, heart attack, openness and freezing, may have been killed due to several factors such as Investigations are ongoing.

Bad news for 10 days

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