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He started from a cold, he almost lost an eye!

Dr. Sadi Konuk Educational Research Hospital of Otorhinolaryngology specialist Hassan Emre Kozak said that the little girl was taken to hospital with a runny nose, high fever and redness in her eyes. we noticed.

We immediately took the operation. After cleaning the nasal area, completely clean the inside of the eye and clear the eyes of the infection. Thus, we saw infection and recovery. An eye that was completely closed improved after two days.



According to him, the occurrence of infection in the eyeball is rare. Dr. Hassan Emre Cochak, as a result of sinusitis, the incidence rate of apsides is 5%, he said.

Dr. Kochch said: “Sinusitis, which develops as a result of an infection of the upper respiratory tract and as a result of complications, leads to an abscess, which we call“ periorbital abscess ”in the eyes.

The incidence of sinusitis is approximately 5%. The occurrence of infection in the eyeball of the eyeball, which we call the "orbital complication" after sinusitis, is about 5 percent. This is a very rare condition.

People who suffer from eye inflammation should consult a doctor immediately. Treatment must be carried out in hospitals. This is not a medicine that can be treated at home by taking such drugs as antibiotics. With visual impairment, vision loss may be permanent. If it goes further, it causes inflammation of the brain. "


Aybüke Aygün lost his eyesight in his eyes for several hours and was very scared, saying that he was fine now, he said.

Mother Serap Aygun said: Karshi There was a runny nose and fever, but it did not flow because the nose was stuffed. We brought here because it is so. Our doctors have fully recovered. We thank our doctors, "he said.

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