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Galatasaray – Boluspor live lecture

Galatasaray – Boluspory … Galatasaray, the Turkish Cup face the second leg match in the last 16 round of Boluspor. Galatasaray won the first match between the two teams played in the score 1–1 Bolu.


Galatasaray: Ishmael, Lynn, Ahmet, Semih, Omer, Donk, Selcuk, Jelil, Yunus, Sinan, Mudat

Boluspor: Gohan, Diarra, Umit, Ufuk, Khairulla, Umut, Akabusez, Mustafa, Yusuf Emre, Guido Kocher, Ozgur Kan Ozkan


19 & # 39; Yunus Akgun 33 & # 39; Mugla 69 Ю Yunus Akgun

1 dü The first whistle in the game.

Omer Byram shoots, but the shot goes wide

6 Защита Defense of the ball is thrown for the defense of Ozgurkan Ozcan, the ball enters the penalty area and controls the ball, but the ball is less than the left corner.

8 Г Gundogan Umut strikes. 8 & # 39; Now, Galatasaray is taking a throw-in in the opponent's half.

10 dı Ryan Donk received a yellow card from Umut Gundogan for a heavy attack.

12 У Umut Gundogan goes into the penalty area after a corner kick, left, but the protection of Galatasaray protects the ball.

12 Г Goido Kocher from Galatasaray sends a pass but the ball goes to the opponent player.

14 Sel Selcuk Inan shoots from the left flank, but the ball goes a few steps from the center of Muðdat elik. Gökhan Köstereli controls the ball.

19 & # 39; Goal! Galatasaray, Yunus Akgün scored 1: 0 in front of the goals of Boluspor.

24 & # 39; Galatasaray missed a very clear opportunity. Martin Linnes from the right sideline is centered in the sixth corner, Sinan Gumus throws the ball in the back.

& Martin Linnes scored the ball into the penalty area and the ball from close range to a penalty gives Mu bydat Çelik.

33 & # 39; Galatasaray, Mugla's goals in the face of Boluspor 2 increased to the difference.

36. When Mamadou Diarra strikes Sinan Gumus at the end of the game, referee Serkan Tokat punishes Mamadou Diarra with a yellow card.

Selcuk Inan takes a free-kick from the penalty area in the penalty area near the front line to the left, to the left of light throws, Gohan Kestereli can barely catch the ball.

42 Ч The ball of Chukvum Akabuzee in the penalty area meets with the ball Ufuk Budak hits the left flank, Ismail Chipe hardly delivers the corner.

42 Umut Gundogan takes the corner, but Galatasaray protects the ball

45 & # 39; First half ends the match. Galatasaray leading the locker room 2-0 ahead.

46 & # 39; The second half began.

51 Ч Chukwuma Akabueze shoots at goal.

53 М Mustafa Fool is hitting from behind because of the broadcast, from the game Chelil Yuksel Ismail Shipe.

55 Ryan Donk misses the target with a shot from outside the box.

57 & # 39; After the ball is out of the penalty area, Sinan Humus controls the ball, and Gokhan Kotereli throws the ball.

61 & # 39; Replacing the first player in Galatasaray. Emre Tashdemir is included in the game, Sinan Gumush leaves the game.

61 Selçuk Inan from the right corner takes the corner

62 & # 39; Galatasaray could not use a very clear opportunity. The protection of Boluspor is covered with a ball, the Yunus Akgun ball is available in the corresponding body of Muqdat Steel, which passes through the body of the defeat, trying to hit the ball, but there is no top at the top.

65 & # 39; Ismail Sipe from Ufuk Budak was found offside.

66 & # 39; Sebahi Bilal hits hard, but the ball is blocked. 66 & # 39; Now, Galatasaray is taking a throw-in in the opponent's half.

67 & # 39; Second substitution in Boluspor. Batuhan Altintas is included in the game, Ozgurkan Ozkan leaves the game.

69 & # 39; Goal! Galatasaray Yunus Akgun 3 with a view to the difference.

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