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Fenerbahce "Win Win" live broadcast good news live!

The third stage of the Win Win Win program was implemented as part of the Fener Be Lantern campaign, which began on April 4 at Fenerbahçe. The head of the yellow-dark blue Ali Koch. announces the figure collected so far.


Speaking during a live broadcast with President Fenerbahce Ali Koç: “We’re lucky that Fenerbahçe. Fenerbahce means a great sacrifice in terms of material and spiritual meaning. The campaign was a campaign I was thinking about from the very beginning of the election campaign. We will have restless soup days. ” We said. We said that we will wait for victims from the community. Unlar They did not bother us. Ru Many people said: “Do not take the risk.” Look at the campaigns of other clubs, we have not received results. Hedef Campaign will last until April 4, 2020. We thank everyone who unconditionally helped everyone who contributed, as well as fans, celebrities and businessmen who gave us unconditional support. I am the happy president of a happy community. ” he said.

Fenerbahce Ersun Lateral, former Fenerbahce footballer Mehmet Aurelio with athletes Reedwan Dilmen and Fenerbahce, as well as Kirak, Ozan Guven, Murat Dalkilich, Esa Sechkin, Tulin Sahin, Nursel Ergin, Furkan Palar Spurs, Auje.



The Fenerbahçe coach Ersun Lateral, yellow-blue fans, will be pleased with the translation of the statement.

Ersin Yanal, who participated in the live WinWin program organized in support of the “Be Lantern” campaign, announced that President Ali Koch continued his intensive translation work and that the announcement would be made within a short period of time.


Ersun Yanal, the football team will play in the championship next season, emphasizing: “Fenerbahce heads have a championship, there can be no other goal. Fenerbahce has a position. Find work in mind. The president comes with a negotiation. I'm on vacation, they work. we will change the design. We are in the process of achieving our goal. "He said.


Economic problems that resemble Ersun Lateral: “We must locate football in our country. We must understand ourselves correctly. Efforts are being made to create a team in which they could produce, present their values ​​to world football and compete. ” he said.


Experienced technical specialist: “Mr. President Ali Kok and the Board, players are trying to scan and investigate. I think we will make important statements in a few days. Everything goes well. We met with target players, we talked. We are trying to catch up with them a little bit remotely. ” used the phrase.

Speaking at the end of the program, Ali Koch said: “For large teams, there are sometimes bad seasons. Usually it is 20-25 years. Khoja will come to rest when he comes to her, and our community will be good news. Get ready for the beautiful season. ” he said.


FB TV on behalf of the Fener Ol campaign in support of the live broadcast of “Win ​​Win” on the telephone connected to the national footballer Surre Emre Belözoогlu: “Some issues were discussed today. Yes, we also had a meeting with our president. Semih (Ozzoy) was the eldest brother. ” he said.

After leaving the team, the yellow-blue sweater always felt the heart of the size of Fenerbahce Emre Belozoезlu always: “I intend that no one will become a friend of Fenerbahce, Fenerbahce will be a soldier. The national jersey is the greatest honor to wear. ” used the phrase.


President of the Fenerbahce Club, Ali Kok, former footballer of the yellow and blue team Emre Belözoогlu, said they were negotiating.

Koch said in a statement: “We met with Emre, we see. In accordance with the wishes of our teacher, we have dreams and thoughts about Emre. ” he said.

Emre Belözoогlu plans to realize that you should not hurry to write down Aries: “Emre will have thoughts about time, they explain. Feet do not see the creek. Emre is a good fenerbahce. We hope we have a mission for him. ” Score found.

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