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Ecem wrote in his diary of frozen blood! "My uncle insulted me …"

Ecem Balcı, who lived in Gölcük, disappeared on January 5th. 9 days after the disappearance of her daughter, her mother, Esra Hercomert, survived her life by jumping from the cliffs on the sea to Kaltalkayaasy Mevki from Kandira. The body of Mother Erkemert was found at sea as a result of searches that lasted 2 days. Police continued to harass a young girl after her mother's suicide. Esem Baljynun, the last boyfriend of the mother, met with Suleiman Kara. After examining the records of mobile phones, Esemin, Suleiman Kara’s boyfriend, discovered that the treasure, the message that they are very rich, was sent out. After the disappearance of Esem Balji, he was arrested on charges of smuggling historical artifacts of Sulei and imprisoned in the prison of Suleiman Kara. Cara admitted that he killed Esema Balchi, and showed the place where he buried the body. On the night of February 15, the body of Esem Balji was found during excavations in the wooded area of ​​the village of Aivaspynar in Gelchuk. Suleiman Kara did not accept the charges at the first hearing.


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Kocaeli 7 High Criminal Court in the current hearing, the defendant, the defendant, Suleiman Kara, the prison through the system of audio and video information (SEGBIS) was connected through. Asem Balchi's diary was read at the hearing with her mother Esra Hercourt before she committed suicide. In a letter in which the mother accused her of her daughter, she wrote that she wrote that “I will never forgive you” for Ecem. In the letter: “I will die when I find this letter. I do not give anyone any rights. Etz, you took me for years to come. You liked the money. Where there is money. That is why my absence will not come to you. Ozlem Khanym, you are dead. God willing, I will never forgive you. God, forgive me for what is happening. I am very sorry that I lived in the Black family. Please forgive me. “After that, lawyer Esema Balchi, father of Gekkhana Balji, asked to investigate whether the letter was written by Esra Erzmermert.


The lawyer of the accused, Suleiman Kara, also read out some parts from the journal Etsom Balchi during the hearing. The lawyer, in his diary, uncle Ecem was harassed, his father was offended, indicating that the articles had been reported. The lawyer read the diary: “I was teased by my uncle. At night, I tried to use me when I was asleep. I could not do anything. I do not want to write them for a long time. I do not want to remember them when I read another time. And I have a psychopathic father. ” He looked at me from the point of view. I am not satisfied with anything in my life. Um All I'm doing is calling and shouting while I'm standing. De de, I want to commit suicide. T. Too much. But I feel bored when I die, although I am tired and tired anyway.


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At the hearing, Suleiman Kare promised: “I do not like to subject Esra to pressure. I do not accept this demand, I want to ask that my expressions be removed from my police station. These images will suffer from the abuse and torture I experienced. I would go to the ministry and the presidency. Ecem & # 39; i I was going to deliver, but they did not allow me. Sim card Ecem & # 39; dan deliver, ”he said.


The court rejected Esra Hercomer's petition to review her suicide letter on the grounds that she was not relevant to the case. The court, having sent a letter to the Main State Prosecutor's Office of Gelchuk, opened a journal on crimes of sexual exploitation on behalf of the interrogated, asking the witness to hear the case, postponed the hearing to April 30


Etsom Balchi's father, Gokhan Balji, made a statement at the end of the hearing. , he told them that he went to every point where friends went, "he said.

Attorney Gokhana Balji Asli Shen said that “Suleiman Kara, who was most interested in the hearing, told us that he was under pressure during the investigation. But if he testified under pressure, how would he know the location and location of the grave of Etsem? answered. We will be followers, "he said.

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