Sunday , January 17 2021

Dollars / TL for 5.30 – Bloomberg HT

USD / TRY Yesterday after a sharp drop of more than 1.5%, it began to grow from a new day.

In the evening, the exchange rate began to decline to 5.2789 at 5.31. Euro / TL At 6.06 the basket exchange rate is 5.68.


Tufan Zemert, manager of investment investment consulting Garanti, said that the exchange rate was settled in a certain balance sheet and said: “At the moment there is nothing that could upset the price.

QNB Finansinvest investment company manager Tolga Kudaloglu said that 5.30 is crucial and says: “We can try to break this support down in the coming days. Kudaloglu said that the base rate on bonds could remain above 20%.

TEB Investments / Strategist, BNP Paribas to reduce the exchange rate in the light Oka "rebalancing the declining employment process from Turkey and see it as a reflection of inflation on consumer spending," he said. Oka prices in this description, indicating that the prices of the positive impact of the recession scenario in Turkey with inflation are projected to continue for a long time.

Today's consumer confidence index will be observed in November, US markets will be closed due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

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